Two Medical Center employees who suffered gunshot wounds in March while hospital security attempted to control a patient have sued the patient, who faces criminal charges from the incident.

Emily Roderick, a certified medical assistant at the hospital, and Billy Pigue, a hospital security guard, are plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed last week in Warren Circuit Court against Jeffrey Fields.

Fields, 42, of Bowling Green, is being sued on counts of assault and battery and dangerous conduct.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Roderick and Pigue by attorney Mike Breen.

Fields was arrested after being brought to the hospital March 18. According to the lawsuit, Fields was found unclothed on Cemetery Road by emergency personnel and taken to The Medical Center.

The lawsuit claims that while at the hospital, he stripped off his gown, picked up a stool and threatened employees, and when security guards attempted to restrain him, Fields fought with them and reached for a gun belonging to one of the guards.

While that was happening, Roderick was preparing a bed so security could restrain Fields, the lawsuit said.

“While she was bent over placing a sheet on the bed, she saw the muzzle of a gun pointed at her head,” the lawsuit said. “She instinctively snapped her head up just as the gun discharged. But for her fast reflexes she would have been shot through the head.”

Roderick was wounded in the leg by a gunshot and carried out of the room by an emergency room doctor, and the same gunshot round struck Pigue in the arm, according to the lawsuit.

Breen said Friday that Pigue has returned to work at the hospital while Roderick now works at the Warren County Regional Jail as a corrections officer.

Fields was arrested by the Bowling Green Police Department and is under indictment on charges of first-degree assault, three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment, two counts of menacing and resisting arrest.

Police allege that Fields was combative with officers who arrived at the hospital.

He has pleaded not guilty and the case is pending in Warren Circuit Court.

Breen said that, procedurally, the criminal case will take precedence over the civil matter.

“We will move parallel to the criminal case, but obviously the most important thing is that Mr. Fields will be brought to some sort of criminal accountability for what he did followed by civil accountability,” Breen said.

Court records do not show an attorney listed for Fields in the civil case.

The lawsuit also mentions Fields’ 2019 arrest in a separate incident in which he was accused of firing a gun into a closet floor and engaging in combative behavior with police who responded to a report that Fields was drinking, bipolar and in possession of a gun.

He was indicted on charges of first-degree wanton endangerment, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, resisting arrest, menacing, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. That case is also pending in Warren Circuit Court.

The lawsuit claims Fields has a history of not complying with the directives of doctors to take medications that enable him to maintain mental stability, and that noncompliance makes him a danger to the community.

“There is indeed little doubt but that Mr. Fields is a menace to the community,” Breen said in the lawsuit. “This lawsuit is intended to bring him to account for his deliberate and repeated misconduct.”

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