Dr. Rebecca Shadowen, an infectious disease expert who helped lead the early stages of the local response to the coronavirus pandemic, died Friday night after battling the virus for nearly four months, according to an announcement from Med Center Health. 

“We are grieving the loss of Dr. Rebecca Shadowen. There are really no words to describe the pain felt by her family, physician colleagues and Med Center Health teammates,” said Connie Smith, president and CEO of Med Center Health, in a statement released Friday night. “Dr. Shadowen will forever be remembered as a nationally recognized expert who provided the very best care for our patients and community. She was a dear friend to many.”

The state- and nationally renowned Shadowen was a specialist in infectious diseases and health care epidemiology at Med Center Health and had been a member of the Bowling Green-Warren County Coronavirus Workgroup. She was diagnosed with the virus on May 13. 

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How nice of her to declare entirely voluntarily, with no pressure at all from anyone at the Medical Center, that she did not acquire the infection at the Medical Center, the place where at least a couple of hundred staff have been infected (all acquiring their infections away from the Medical Center, of course). Area residents can go confidently to the Medical Center knowing that despite the head of the coronivirus effort dying of corona and despite around a couple hundred staff being infected, none of the happened at the Medical Center.

Absolutely Positively

Exactly. A company woman until the very end. Her death is terrible, but this was the worst PR spin in the world. "I didn't get sick from being in the building with all the other sick people. I got it through some six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon kind of thing. Probably. Maybe."

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