Med Center Health announced Friday that infectious disease specialist Dr. Rebecca Shadowen – who announced May 13 that she had tested positive for COVID-19 – is in critical condition due to complications from the coronavirus.

“After being placed on a ventilator earlier in the day, an urgent procedure was performed late Thursday afternoon at the Medical Center at Bowling Green to prepare Dr. Shadowen for transport to UK Healthcare in Lexington,” Connie Smith, president and CEO of Med Center Health, said in a statement.

Smith added that “Dr. Shadowen and her family are in our thoughts and prayers and we know she is in the skillful hands of our partners at UK Healthcare.”

Shadowen was at the forefront of Med Center Health’s work in treatment of COVID-19 before announcing May 13 that she had tested positive for the virus.

She was leading the hospital’s work in National Institute of Health trials and parallel trials that have given patients access to cutting-edge treatment.

Shadowen previously said she believes she contracted the virus not at the hospital, but instead through community-acquired exposure after an elderly family member received care at home from an infected caregiver.

Dennis Chaney, executive director of ancillary services at Med Center Health, told the Daily News at the time Shadowen first announced she tested positive that from the earliest stages of the pandemic, she led the way in the local fight against the virus.

“She is so well connected, not only within the United States but with other infectious disease specialists around the world,” Chaney said. “She has been instrumental in the development of the infrastructure for our response in preparation for this virus.”

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Dr. Shadowen did contract Covid 19 from work and not her family or caregiver. She would not allow staff to wear proper PPE in fear of scaring patients.


Some questions are in order

1. How does Dr. Shadowen and the Medical Canter know it was not at the Medical Center? Does the Medical Center do contact tracing? Did the Medical Center contact trace Dr. Shadowen's contacts at the Medical Center?

2. Is it true that over 125 Medical Center staff have tested positive for Corona virus out of 500 confirmed cases in Warren County?

3. Dr. Shadowen said that she got it from the caregiver of an elderly family member. Did Dr. Shadowen not practice social distancing from this caregiver? Given Dr. Shadowen's (likely) high risk job, would it not have been prudent for the sake of the caregiver (who was presumably not known to be infectious when she entered Dr. Shadowen's residence) to have kept well away from the caregiver?

4. Is it true that Dr. Shadowen initially initiated a policy of no masks as far as possible for Medical Center staff because she feared "mask anxiety" would affect incoming patients?

5. IF it is true that approximately 25% of the Warren County's cases (125 out of 500) can be traced back to the Medical Center, is it possible that the Medical Center has become a virus hotspot?

6. If #5 is true, how can anyone be sure that Dr. Shadowen did not contract the virus at the Medical Center?

Please note I make no factual statements, I only offer my opinion in the questions above.

Enough Already

7. Did Dr. Shadowen request the hydroxychloroquine in combination with azithromycin — and zinc sulfate therapy early on or did she trust the CDC and the FDA and wait until it was too late and on ventilator?


Enough Already knows enough already! You've got this! Do it for the staff!


4. Is it true that Dr. Shadowen initially initiated a policy of no masks as far as possible for Medical Center staff because she feared "mask anxiety" would affect incoming patients? According to numerous 1st responders & ER RN's, yes. She initiated her own policies that a medical professional wearing a mask could cause anxiety to the patient. Perhaps a transfer of liability? Sad for those infected and the CNAs that have died. -Maybe if they had been transferred to the Med Center's partner at UK. Hmm

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