People in communities along about 400 miles of a highway that cuts through much of Kentucky will soon come together to sell their wares.

Organizer Debby Spencer, who’s been involved with the 400 Mile Sale since its inception, said it began as a way to draw people into cities that she and others felt had been forgotten because the interstate system made driving past them so easy.

“We basically started it to try to get people off the interstates and highways and back into the small towns,” she said.

The 400 Mile Sale will be from Thursday through Sunday in communities along U.S. 68 from Paducah to Maysville. In each community, vendors will set up yard sales offering a range of items.

Sellers in Glasgow, Smiths Grove, Oakland, Bon Ayr, Merry Oaks, Bowling Green, Rockfield, Auburn and Russellville will be involved, according to an online list of registered sales connected to the 400 Mile Sale. The list at names more than 300 sales across dozens of communities and may grow if more people register their sales, Spencer said.

The list includes the addresses, days and times of the sales and, in many cases, a description of the items that will be available.

Not every sale will be open every day of the event, Spencer said.

Delain Hughes, who has been a regular vendor at the 400 Mile Sale for more than a decade, will be selling from Thursday to Saturday at her home in Auburn.

In every previous 400 Mile Sale in which she’s been involved, she’s collaborated with New Friendship Baptist Church to raise funds for a local youth camp, but this time she and her relatives are gathering at her house to sell materials.

“We’re all kin. We’re just sort of bringing it all here and selling it,” she said, adding that she won’t know what her sale will offer until her relatives bring their stuff around Wednesday.

Hughes said she enjoys the sale every year and mentioned that it draws a big crowd every time.

“In the past, it’s been super busy,” she said. “If I had a nickel for every car that’s come in and out of my driveway, I’d be a rich woman.”

– Follow Daily News reporter Jackson French on Twitter @Jackson_French or visit

– Follow Daily News reporter Jackson French on Twitter @Jackson_French or visit


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