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No no people it wasn't City,County or even Mills money. It was Voter / Taxpayer money. That said I and many others await the third portion of any story 1) My Side 2) Your Side 3) The Truth.

Bob Talley
Voter / Taxpayer / Vet


The bankrupt business man may have gotten quite a bit as a consultant.


They keep talking about som goverment agency taking money. Man up and name the agency.


Note some of the funds went to pay for "restaurant equipment, consultants, and operations....). Wonder how much of that ended up in the pocket of the formerly identified 'bankrupt businessman".

Crooks. At least part of truth is starting to come out. Someone needs to go to jail for this.


If the new operating agreement changed in a way that allowed the statutes around the IRB to be violated, why would any one have signed or agreed to it?

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