Bowling Green City Commissioner Brian “Slim” Nash took to social media Monday to apologize for his May 23 arrest on a charge of alcohol intoxication in a public place.

Before posting the message Monday on his Facebook page, Nash had not spoken publicly about the incident, in which he was arrested and later pleaded guilty to public intoxication after leaving a concert at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center.

In the post, Nash asks for forgiveness, says he is no longer employed by Uspiritus Centerstone, where he worked for 12 years as a director, and indicates he plans to continue as a city commissioner.

Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson said the only way for a sitting commissioner to be removed from office, other than a resignation, is by a unanimous vote of the other commissioners. No such item is on the agenda for the next city commission meeting, which is slated for 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

In his message, Nash wrote in part, “I owe each of my family, friends, supporters, and the community a personal apology for the events surrounding my arrest. ... I also want to express my overwhelming remorse to my family for bringing embarrassment upon them due to their association with me.

“Because of my public role, my personal shortcomings are on display and often fodder for all,” Nash wrote. “Those shortcomings reflect poorly on me, sometimes hurt those I love the most and damage the work of being your City Commissioner. For this, I am truly sorry. It is an honor to be your City Commissioner. Being your voice in local government is not just a job, it has become a part of who I am as a person. I will continue to be your voice.”

Nash also wrote about his loss of employment at the nonprofit youth care center.

“As this is my main source of income and how I provide for my family, I will need to find other employment in the near future but for the next month or so I am going to spend some time working on picking up the broken pieces, putting them back together and hopefully being a stronger person in the broken places. ...

“I have, without a doubt, made a mistake. A mistake that I have owned, (pleaded) guilty to, paid fines and court costs and separated myself from my full-time employment. Also, without a doubt, there are some who revel in my shortcomings. Make no mistake that if they rejoice in my inadequacies they will, if you fail, rejoice in yours ... I don’t blame you for being upset with me. I assure you, I am upset with myself. I cannot undo the past. I can only ask your forgiveness and try to be a better person in the future. I value our relationship, whatever it may be … acquaintance, neighbor, friend, client, advocate, citizen, politician, etc. ... and hope it can continue in spite of my inadequacies.”

Nash, 49, was arrested after a Warren County sheriff’s deputy saw him leave SKyPAC “in an intoxicated state” and get into his vehicle, according to the arrest citation. Nash pleaded guilty to the alcohol intoxication charge May 28 and was ordered to pay a $25 fine and court costs by Warren District Judge Sam Potter.

Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower last week clarified that Nash was seen backing his vehicle up during the incident, leading some to question why Nash was not charged with driving under the influence.

Nash, who has served two stints as a commissioner, was arrested in 2013 on suspicion of DUI when he was not on the commission. The case remained active after he was elected to the commission in 2016, and it was resolved in 2017 with a dismissal of the DUI charge and a guilty plea to a count of improper turning, for which Nash was fined $100.

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Absolutely Positively

"Also, without a doubt, there are some who revel in my shortcomings. Make no mistake that if they rejoice in my inadequacies they will, if you fail, rejoice in yours"

No, Brian, we don't normally rejoice in the shortcomings of others. Just yours. You've gone out of your way for the past 20 years to be difficult to like, and now you've succeeded. You got the reputation you earned. Congratulations.

The only reason for this BS PR release is that he lost his job and now he needs to give the impression that he's a normal person that people would enjoy working with.


Totally agree with your comments. He has made his bed and does not want to lie in it. He has been a thorn in many people's side beginning with the former mayor about her travel expenses to today being a leader of the gays, He chose not to mention that in his recent campaign. When you wallow in controversy all the time you eventually will reap what you sow. His apology on facebook needed to be a published ad in the daily news instead since lots of people are not on that venue. He reminds me of Otis from Andy Griffith but nobody's laughing except at his attorneys spinning tales each time.

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