Bowling Green City Commissioner Brian “Slim” Nash pleaded guilty Tuesday in Warren District Court to a charge of alcohol intoxication in a public place less than a week after his arrest.

He was ordered to pay a $25 fine and court costs by Warren District Judge Sam Potter.

Nash, 49, was originally scheduled to appear Wednesday in Warren District Court to be arraigned on the charge, but he instead appeared Tuesday to enter his plea.

Alan Simpson, Nash’s attorney, said a scheduling conflict led to Tuesday’s court appearance.

Nash was arrested late Thursday night in a parking lot near the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center.

A Warren County Sheriff’s Office deputy working a special detail at SKyPAC reported in an arrest citation that Nash appeared “extremely intoxicated” while at the venue on the night of a concert. Deputy Brian Wise followed Nash outside the building as he walked to his vehicle, saw Nash get into the vehicle and start the engine.

Wise made contact with Nash before he left the parking lot, noting in the arrest citation that Nash had his daughter with him in the vehicle.

Nash said he was not going anywhere and the deputy asked him to exit his vehicle, according to the arrest citation.

“(Nash) was very unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech and smelled of alcoholic beverage,” the citation said.

While walking to the police cruiser, Nash stopped and tried to talk to his daughter, and “passively stood still” as he was commanded to enter the cruiser.

“(Nash) was placed in the vehicle with a minimum amount of force,” the citation said. “(Nash) asked multiple times if the cruiser camera was on, to which deputies replied they were not.”

Simpson said Friday that Nash did not plan to contest the charge and intended to plead guilty. Simpson said Nash consumed alcohol at the event, was walking out to his vehicle with his adult daughter to secure it overnight and was about to contact Uber for a ride home when he was approached by law enforcement.

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I think people need to stop posting the rude comments for the family. I know his daughter and his ex wife. So how about you all shut your mouths and mind your own business!

Enough Already

Hi Katie
This political slug who gets elected because he panders to the homosexuals and their sympathizers is guilty of breaking the same law the rest of us have to abide by (He was about to drive drunk for the SECOND TIME.) and deserves everything he gets, and yet the judge covered his fat *ss and gave him a token fine of $25 for something that should have cost him his license and a huge fine if not more, (and would have if it were me or you) all because he is a city commissioner. Maybe his FAMILY, his DAUGHTER and his EX-WIFE need to do an intervention before this privileged "Public Servant" kills one of your loved ones on the roads of Warren county. He should also resign.
I don't look for that to happen because he has no shame and there are too many of you simple minded sycophants who continue to support this con-artist in Bowling Green.


Sure he was getting ready to call Uber, that explains why he was in the car with it running, why was he not charged with DUI ? Can the Sheriff answer this important question? He's a loser and needs to go.

Enough Already

SAD for a city commissioner representing Bowling Green KY to be a repetitive drunk driver but thinks he is qualified to tell us what is right for the city and how we should govern our lives. We can do better.
Kick him to the curb and vote him out!

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