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^Senate plans to begin impeachment preparations Thursday, start trial next week<

IMPEACHMENT-1ST-LEDE:LA — Following Speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement that the House would send impeachment articles to the Senate on Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would start pretrial proceedings as soon as Thursday, signaling the end of the nearly monthlong standoff between the two over the shape of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

700 by Jennifer Haberkorn in Washington. MOVED


^White House scrambles to assemble Trump's impeachment defense<

IMPEACHMENT-DEFENSE:LA — President Donald Trump's lawyers are scrambling to assemble their legal team and draft opening statements for a Senate impeachment trial that could start within days and will determine whether to remove the president from office.

As the House prepared to send articles of impeachment to the Senate, Trump's lawyers have huddled in the Oval Office with their unpredictable client and sought to finalize who will appear on the president's behalf — and who will advise on the sidelines of only the third presidential impeachment trial in U.S. history.

1000 by Chris Megerian and Noah Bierman in Washington. MOVED


^Democratic debate delves into sexism in politics, testing the Warren-Sanders alliance<

^DEMOCRATS-DEBATE:LA—<Democratic presidential candidates covered familiar ground on health care and foreign policy in their final debate before the crucial Iowa caucuses, but they found themselves on more charged territory as they discussed whether a woman could win the nation's highest elected office.

Six top contenders met Tuesday in a historic recital hall at Drake University in Des Moines three weeks before Democrats in the state hold the first contest of the primary.

1400 by Melanie Mason and Seema Mehta in Des Moines, Iowa. MOVED



Also moving as:

DEMOCRATS-DEBATE:DA — 1550 by Todd J. Gillman in Washington. MOVED


^Elementary school kids doused as jet dumps fuel before emergency landing at LAX<

LA-AIRPORT-FUELDUMP-3RD-LEDE:LA — An airplane returning to Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday morning dropped jet fuel onto a school playground, dousing several students at Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy, officials said.

Delta Flight 89 — a Boeing 777 — had taken off from LAX with more than 140 passengers on board and was en route to Shanghai when it turned around and headed back to the L.A. airport.

1850 (with trims) by Colleen Shalby, Ruben Vives and Andrew Campa in Los Angeles. MOVED


^National Security Agency discovers vulnerability in Microsoft Windows<

CPT-MICROSOFT-NSA-1ST-LEDE:BLO — The National Security Agency announced that it had found a "critical vulnerability" in Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating systems that could enable cyber intrusions.

The NSA recognized "the severity of the vulnerability" and disclosed it to Microsoft to expedite the process of fixing it, according to Anne Neuberger, the NSA's director of cybersecurity, speaking to reporters on Tuesday. Microsoft released a patch the same day.

600 by Dina Bass and Alyza Sebenius in Seattle. (Moved as a national story.) MOVED



^Five takeaways from January's Democratic debate in Iowa<

DEMOCRATS-DEBATE-TAKEAWAYS:LA — Six candidates, one stage, just a handful of tickets out of Iowa.

The Democratic debate in the Hawkeye State, which serves for the next three weeks as center of the political universe, marked the seventh round of candidate clashes and the first of the new year.

It had the fewest participants and could prove the most consequential — though it was arguably the most soporific — as it came a scant 20 days before the first ballots of the marathon campaign are cast.

Here are five takeaways from the mostly low-key debate at Des Moines' snow-crusted Drake University.

1200 by Mark Z. Barabak. MOVED



Also moving as:

DEMOCRATS-DEBATE-TAKEAWAYS:WA — 1300 by David Catanese, Alex Roarty and Emily Cadei in Washington. MOVED


^Senators make their last pitch to Iowa before impeachment trial<

DEMOCRATS-DEBATE-SENATORS:CON — For the senators running for president, Tuesday's debate carried extra importance.

It wasn't just the last debate ahead of the state's caucuses — just three weeks away — it was also potentially their last big hoorah in the Hawkeye State before they're stuck in Washington for the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump that's set to begin next week.

1050 by Simone Pathe in Washington. MOVED


^In a precarious spot, Sen. Amy Klobuchar presses her case in Iowa<

^DEMOCRATS-DEBATE-KLOBUCHAR:MS—<U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, trailing the biggest names in the Democratic presidential primary polls, directed much of her attention on President Donald Trump during Tuesday's final debate before the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses on Feb. 3.

The six-way encounter at Drake University in Des Moines — to date, the smallest collection of candidates on a debate stage — also was Klobuchar's last chance to face off directly with her Democratic rivals in a televised debate before early voting starts Friday in Minnesota.

600 by Stephen Montemayor. MOVED


^Candidates tear into one another over 'Medicare for All'<

DEMOCRATS-DEBATE-HEALTHCARE:LA — When the Democratic presidential debate turned to health care Tuesday, the candidates engaged in a now-familiar clash. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders unapologetically pushed their case for government-run "Medicare for All" as Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg warned that they were not being up front with voters about the huge price tag of such a program.

"We need to begin to tell (the public) what we're going to do and what it's going to cost," Biden said, arguing that Sanders' proposal to cover the cost of free health care for all, largely with a 4% income tax, is unrealistic.

400 by Evan Halper in Washington. MOVED


^Democratic candidates take aim as they push the conversation to climate change<

DEMOCRATS-DEBATE-CLIMATECHANGE:LA — Even before the debate moderators turned to climate change, the candidates were eager to steer the discussion in that direction.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders brought it up as the candidates argued about national security, making the case that building an international coalition to fight climate change is as important to creating a safer, more prosperous world as coalition-building to create peace in the Middle East.

400 by Evan Halper in Washington. MOVED


^Sanders denies telling Warren he did not believe a woman could win the presidency<

DEMOCRATS-DEBATE-WOMEN:LA — Elizabeth Warren confronted Bernie Sanders face-to-face in Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate over her allegation that he told her privately that a woman could not be elected president.

"Can a woman beat Donald Trump?" Warren asked after Sanders denied saying a woman could not win the presidency. "Look at the men on this stage. Collectively they have lost 10 elections. The only people on this stage who have won every single election that they've been in are the women: Amy and me."

350 by Michael Finnegan. MOVED


^Andrew Yang wasn't at the debate, but he was in Iowa, and he had PowerPoint<

YANG:LA — Andrew Yang didn't make the cut to appear on the debate stage, so the Democratic presidential candidate employed another method Tuesday that he said would help explain to voters his fears about automation's impact on the American economy.

"I've been told over and over again, when you're on the debate stage people don't see the actual substance of the argument because you're kind of compressed in a 60-second time crunch," Yang told a few hundred people in an art gallery, standing in front of a PowerPoint presentation projected on a wall. "You're all here for Andrew Yang's version of a Netflix special."

400 by Seema Mehta in Ames, Iowa. MOVED



^Democrats want documents, not just witnesses, at Trump's impeachment trial<

IMPEACHMENT-DOCUMENTS:CON — The high-profile fight over potentially dramatic witness testimony at an impeachment trial of President Donald Trump has overshadowed the Senate's possible demand for a different type of revealing cache of new evidence — withheld documents.

Senate Democrats have pushed to include in the trial documents that the Trump administration refused to turn over during the House investigation. But they need at least four Republicans to vote with all Democrats and independents for the Senate to subpoena witnesses or documents, and it's not clear they have those votes.

900 by Todd Ruger in Washington. MOVED


^'No cameras, no C-Span, no coverage.' Rules will limit access during Trump's trial<

IMPEACHMENT-PRESSRULES:WA — U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt said Tuesday that there will be restrictions to public and press access during President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, including periods when the Senate chamber is cleared of reporters.

The bulk of the trial will be broadcast on television. But during certain periods of debate, the Senate will go into closed session under its impeachment rules, the Missouri Republican told reporters.

600 by Bryan Lowry in Washington. MOVED


^US spy agencies tracking Russian hack of Ukrainian company Burisma<

USRUSSIA-HACKING-BURISMA:BLO — U.S. spy agencies are tracking a Russian hacking attack against a Ukrainian gas company linked to the impeachment of President Donald Trump, including whether it was done to find damaging information on former Vice President Joe Biden's family, according to a senior U.S. official.

The U.S. is reviewing evidence of the hack at Burisma Holdings first disclosed by researchers at security company Area 1, according to Shelby Pierson, the election threats executive for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

650 by Chris Strohm and Kartikay Mehrotra in Washington. MOVED


^Supreme Court revisits Bridgegate and ponders: When is a political scheme also federal fraud?<

SCOTUS-BRIDGESCANDAL:LA — The Supreme Court may be about to limit federal fraud prosecutions involving politically motivated schemes, particularly when the alleged government corruption involves no exchange of money or property.

The justices on Tuesday heard an appeal from Bridget Anne Kelly, a top aide to Chris Christie when he was New Jersey governor. She was fired in 2013 and later prosecuted for her role in a scheme to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee by shutting down two reserved lanes across the George Washington Bridge, creating a massive traffic jam.

600 by David G. Savage in Washington. MOVED



Also moving as:

SCOTUS-BRIDGESCANDAL:PH — 750 by Andrew Seidman in Washington. MOVED


^USMCA bill tough vote for Democrats over lack of environmental protections<

USMCA-DEMOCRATS:CON — Sen. Jeff Merkley faced a difficult vote Tuesday as he joined colleagues on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to advance the bill that would implement President Donald Trump's new trade deal.

The Oregon Democrat said the pact does not go far enough to protect the environment and address the urgency of climate change.

950 (with trims) by Elvina Nawaguna in Washington. MOVED


^Sen. Tim Kaine has backing for resolution to curb Trump's war powers<

USIRAN-CONGRESS:CON — Sen. Tim Kaine has lined up the votes to adopt a resolution to restrict President Donald Trump's ability to attack Iran, though a vote on the matter this week would fall short absent a procedural agreement with Republican leadership.

The Virginia Democrat announced Tuesday he received support from at least four GOP senators for using the 1973 War Powers Act to adopt a binding resolution ordering the Trump administration to immediately end all unauthorized military hostilities against Iran and its government. Those senators are Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine and Todd Young of Indiana.

750 (with trims) by Rachel Oswald in Washington. MOVED


^House to vote on military force authorizations this month<

CONGRESS-MILITARYFORCE:CON — House Democratic leaders committed to progressives Tuesday that the House will vote on legislation to prevent funds for unauthorized military force against Iran and to repeal the 2002 authorization of use of military force the week of Jan. 27.

The bills, sponsored by California Reps. Ro Khanna and Barbara Lee, respectively, will get separate votes, according to Khanna and Progressive Caucus co-chair Pramila Jayapal.

500 by Lindsey McPherson in Washington. MOVED


^House Ethics Committee ends probe of Rep. Duncan Hunter campaign spending<

CONGRESS-HUNTER-ETHICS:SD — The U.S. House Committee on Ethics announced Tuesday that it no longer has jurisdiction over former Rep. Duncan Hunter following his resignation Monday and would therefore close its inquiry into allegations of misspending of campaign money.

250 by Morgan Cook in San Diego. (Moved as a Washington story.) MOVED


^Ivanka Trump plans White House summit on human trafficking<

IVANKATRUMP-HUMANTRAFFICKING:WA — The White House will host a summit on human trafficking at the end of January marking 20 years since Congress made it a federal crime, amid an uptick in reported cases in recent years.

Ivanka Trump, a senior White House adviser, told McClatchy on Tuesday that her father, President Donald Trump, would attend the summit along with Attorney General Bill Barr, members of Congress, and state and local leaders.

350 by Michael Wilner in Washington. MOVED


^Trump tax fight with House put on hold for ruling on Don McGahn testimony<

TRUMP-FINANCIALRECORDS:BLO — House Democrats' lawsuit seeking President Donald Trump's federal tax returns was put on hold as a judge said he's waiting for a higher court's ruling in a separate case on whether Congress can make former White House counsel Don McGahn testify.

The president, who has been fighting in court on several fronts to guard his financial information, got the reprieve Tuesday when U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden in Washington issued a stay on the tax case.

550 by Andrew Harris and Laura Davison in Washington. MOVED


^Trump's ex-aide Michael Flynn seeks to withdraw guilty plea<

FLYNN:BLO — President Donald Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn asked to withdraw his guilty plea to lying to federal agents, two weeks before he was scheduled to be sentenced, in a further deterioration of his relations with the U.S. Justice Department.

Flynn said he's making the move because of the "government's bad faith, vindictiveness and breach of the plea agreement."

400 by Edvard Pettersson. MOVED


^Should Trump declare California a national disaster to help homeless? One congressman's idea<

CALIF-HOMELESSNESS-FUNDING:WA — A California congressman wants to allow states to apply for emergency funding for homelessness crises in the same way they're granted funding for natural disasters like wildfires or hurricanes.

500 by Kate Irby in Washington. MOVED


^House Democrats mulling legal action to push Trump to release Puerto Rico aid<

CONGRESS-PUERTORICO:NY — House Democrats are considering legal action to force President Donald Trump to release long-delayed aid for the nature-ravaged residents of Puerto Rico, Democratic leaders announced Tuesday.

Slamming the "malpractice of the administration" for distributing only a tiny fraction of the $20.2 billion Congress has passed to help the U.S. commonwealth, Democratic Conference Chairman Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., said Democrats were launching an all-out push to end the White House foot dragging.

850 by Michael McAuliff in Washington. MOVED



^Joe Biden says he'd consider Kamala Harris 'for anything' she wants, including VP<

BIDEN-HARRIS:SA — California Sen. Kamala Harris's presidential campaign is over, but she could still find herself in the White House next year.

In his first California interview, former Vice President Joe Biden said he would consider Harris "for anything" she wants, including vice president.

"She's qualified to be president, and I'd consider her for anything that she would be interested in," Biden said on The Bee's California Nation podcast.

500 by Bryan Anderson in Sparks, Nevada. MOVED


^Progressives split on how to block a centrist from nomination<

DEMOCRATS-2020-PROGRESSIVES:BLO — Progressive Democrats are growing increasingly concerned that their preferred presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders risk splitting the movement's vote and handing the Democratic nomination to Joe Biden.

The anxieties have led to calls by some for one of the two candidates to drop out before the March 3 "Super Tuesday" contests and endorse the other, in order to coalesce the left behind one standard-bearer. But others reject that approach and say both Sanders and Warren should stay in to amass delegates and join forces at the nominating convention in July.

950 by Sahil Kapur in Washington. MOVED


^US Rep. Matt Gaetz accused of starting sex game when in Florida Legislature<

FLA-LAWMAKERS-FEUD:FL — The 2020 Florida legislative session kicked off Tuesday, less than 24 hours after Republican state Rep. Chris Latvala of Clearwater, accused U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., of having founded a long-rumored sex game played among lawmakers in the Florida House a few years ago.

350 by Dan Sweeney in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^Early voting is coming to Pennsylvania in time for 2020. But it won't be the same for everyone<

PA-2020-VOTING:PH — Early voting is coming to Pennsylvania in time for the presidential election. Sort of.

Under a new law, people will have the option of requesting and submitting an absentee ballot during one in-person visit to county elections offices, starting more than a month and a half before an election day. It's not technically what most people understand as "early voting" — people won't be using the usual voting machines — but it's a method for people to cast ballots in person in advance of the actual election without worrying about deadlines and mail problems.

1150 by Jonathan Lai in Philadelphia. MOVED



^Giuliani told Ukraine's president he was acting with Trump's 'consent' while pushing for Biden investigation, according to records<

^GIULIANI-TRUMP-UKRAINE:NY—<Rudy Giuliani told then-newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in May that he was acting with President Donald Trump's explicit "consent" while aggressively pushing the European country to open dubious investigations of Joe Biden and other Democrats, according to newly unearthed records.

The ex-New York mayor made the point in a May 10 letter to Zelenskiy that was included in a batch of records from ex-Giuliani associate Lev Parnas released by the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday night — just one day before the chamber was expected to pass along the impeachment articles against Trump to the Senate for trial.

300 by Chris Sommerfeldt in New York. MOVED


^Ken Jennings wins the 'Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time' tournament<

JEOPARDY-JENNINGS:PH — There is now one Jeopardy! contestant who can accurately call himself the "Greatest of All Time."

Ken Jennings, the computer programmer turned full-time Jeopardy! champion, won the show's epic prime-time trivia tournament that featured the three most successful contestants in the history of the show, which debuted in 1964. Jennings won his third game Tuesday night, defeating James Holzhauer in a tight contest decided in the final minute.

750 by Rob Tornoe. MOVED


^4 bodies found inside home in Celebration, Fla.<

FLA-BODIESFOUND:OS — Four people were found dead inside a home in Celebration, the Osceola County Sheriff's Office confirmed late Monday.

Maj. Jacob Ruiz, a spokesman for the agency, also confirmed that a suspect was in custody. Ruiz did not identify the suspect and said the identities of the deceased would not be released until the medical examiner's office conducted autopsies.

350 by Grace Toohey in Orlando, Fla. MOVED


^Judge rules that Epstein documents in New York court case will stay under seal — for now<

EPSTEIN-DOCUMENTS:MI — Who helped the pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein abuse scores of young women?

Although Epstein was found dead in a New York City jail last summer, a list of names of wealthy and well-connected people who may have helped him commit his crimes lives on. The possible enablers could be named in a batch of sealed court documents filed in a civil lawsuit between one of Epstein's accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, and his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who is said to have procured him vulnerable, underage victims.

Now a federal judge has decided that some of those documents will remain sealed — for now.

700 by Nicholas Nehamas in Miami. MOVED


^Despite Texas governor's ban, one county says refugees are welcome<

TEXAS-REFUGEES:FT — Tarrant County officials don't want to make this part of the state off limits to refugees.

So county commissioners on Tuesday unanimously approved a plan to let refugees resettle in Tarrant County, despite Gov. Greg Abbott's recent decision not to allow refugees to resettle in Texas for the next fiscal year.

"I think we, as a state, are big enough — our hearts are big enough — to accept refugees and assist them in their resettlement in this country," Commissioner Roy Brooks said.

600 by Anna M. Tinsley in Fort Worth, Texas. MOVED


^Florida woman accused of making bomb in a Walmart with child's help<

FLA-WALMART-BOMBMAKER:OS — A woman brought a child to a Tampa Walmart to help her collect items from store shelves and make a bomb, authorities said.

Emily Rae Stallard, 37, was about to light the wick, which she had fashioned from a shoelace and placed into her homemade device, according to an arrest report released Tuesday.

A security guard noticed and stopped her, helping to prevent a potential tragedy, Sheriff Chad Chronister said.

250 by Tiffini Theisen in Orlando, Fla. MOVED

^Indiana man sparked Secret Service investigation as he shouted outside Mar-a-Lago<

MARALAGO-INCIDENT:MI — The man who sparked a U.S. Secret Service investigation last week when he attempted to enter Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump's private Palm Beach club and primary residence, is a 34-year-old from Indiana, according to a heavily redacted incident report released Tuesday by Palm Beach police. The man has not been charged with a crime.

The Miami Herald is not publishing the man's name out of concern for privacy regarding mental health.

750 by Sarah Blaskey and Nicholas Nehamas in Miami. MOVED


^After mass shooting threat, former Long Beach hotel cook faces prison<

LONGBEACH-SHOOTING-THREAT:LA — A former Long Beach Marriott hotel cook who threatened to carry out a mass shooting pleaded no contest Monday to two felony counts of criminal threats and could face nearly four years in prison, authorities said.

Long Beach police thwarted a potential mass shooting in August when they arrested Rodolfo Montoya, 37, at his Huntington Beach home, where a cache of weapons was found.

300 by Priscella Vega in Los Angeles. MOVED


^UConn students arrested for yelling racial slur sue university on First Amendment grounds<

CMP-CONN-SLUR:HC — Two UConn students arrested last year for repeatedly shouting a racial slur outside an on-campus apartment building are suing the university, its president and other administrators, alleging their First Amendment rights are being violated.

In their lawsuit, filed in federal court in Connecticut on Tuesday, Ryan Mucaj and Jarred Karal say the school is seeking to remove them from university housing as punishment for violating the student code of conduct, specifically a section on "disruptive behavior."

800 by Russell Blair in Hartford, Conn. MOVED


^LAPD scandal over alleged gang framing swells to 20 officers<

LAPD-FALSE-RECORDS:LA — The investigation into allegations that members of the elite Los Angeles Police Department's Metro Division falsified information they gathered during stops and wrongly portrayed people as gang members or associates has expanded to include 20 officers, with prosecutors already reviewing one case.

The widening probe is becoming a major scandal at the LAPD, raising questions about the criminal cases brought by the officers now under scrutiny.

500 by Mark Puente and Richard Winton in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Financier charged in admissions scandal indicted again on new tax fraud allegation<

CMP-ADMISSIONS-FRAUD:LA — Already charged with resorting to fraud and bribery to get his son into the University of Southern California, John Wilson was indicted Tuesday on a new count of tax fraud, deepening the Massachusetts financier's legal troubles and suggesting prosecutors have opened a new line of attack to pressure parents who have resisted plea deals.

700 by Matthew Ormseth in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Florida stands to lose millions for undercounting children in census<

CENSUS-FLA-CHILDREN:OS — Florida's infants and toddlers face the greatest risk of being undercounted in the upcoming 2020 census — an error that could cost the state "staggering" amounts of federal funding for everything from schools to children's health care to food stamps.

Research of the previous census, in 2010, show that Florida had the second-largest loss in the nation from undercounting residents younger than 5 — at least $67.5 million a year for the past decade — and some advocates fear this year's results could be worse.

1100 (with trims) by Kate Santich in Orlando, Fla. MOVED


^GOP lawmaker wants state constitution to say Kentuckians have no right to an abortion<

KY-ABORTION:LX — For the fourth time in more than 20 years, a Republican lawmaker is proposing to amend the Kentucky Constitution to make clear the state's citizens have no right to an abortion.

The bill by state Rep. Joseph Fischer of Fort Thomas is one of a handful of bills Republicans have proposed to limit abortion access, even as Gov. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, does his part to widen it.

1150 (with trims) by Alex Acquisto in Lexington, Ky. MOVED


^Police identify mother of newborn left to freeze to death 32 years ago<

INFANT-DEATH:HC — Meriden, Conn., police have identified the mother of a newborn boy left to freeze death in a parking lot 32 years ago.

Police Chief Jeffry Cosette said the baby's mother is Karen Roche, who was 25 at the time she abandoned the boy and still lives in the city.

Detectives spoke with her on Jan. 2 and she admitted to being the boy's mother. A DNA test taken last week confirmed it.

850 by Dave Altimari and Steven Goode in Hartford, Conn. MOVED


^Suspected serial killer of Woodridge girl not tied to 1972 unsolved murder of Naperville teen<

ILL-COLDCASE-1ST-LEDE:TB — The suspected serial killer who died while committing a fatal stabbing in Naperville in 1981 has been ruled out as the person responsible for the murder of a 16-year-old Naperville girl in 1972, Police Chief Robert Marshall said.

A DNA check was conducted when Bruce Lindahl's body was exhumed in connection with the 1976 murder of a teenage girl in Lisle, but it was not a positive match for Julie Ann Hanson, said Marshall, one of the first officers on the scene when Lindahl died while fatally stabbing an 18-year-old man in a Naperville apartment.

950 (with trims) by Erin Hegarty in Naperville, Ill. MOVED


^9-year-old finds loaded Santa Clara County Sheriff deputy's handgun in Airbnb<

AIRBNB-CHILD-HANDGUN:SJ — Friday night, Jon Segarra and his family arrived at their Airbnb in South Lake Tahoe after a four-hour sojourn from the Bay Area, looking to get started on a snowy weekend.

As Segarra, a Hayward, Calif., resident, unloaded the car with his girlfriend and sister, the six kids between them ran pell-mell into the house. While the kids squabbled over sleeping arrangements and searched the house for board games, Segarra's 9-year-old son Joshua, flanked by his two younger siblings and cousin, opened a bedside drawer.

But instead of a checkers set or deck of cards, they found a badge. And a loaded handgun.

550 by Fiona Kelliher and Robert Salonga in San Jose, Calif. MOVED


^Arizona cops find baby dead, another with brain injury, 3 others with bugs crawling out of ears in hotel room<

ARIZ-CHILDABUSE:NY — Emergency responders made a horrific discovery last week when they were called to an Arizona hotel room for a report of an unresponsive child.

Authorities said the 1-month-old baby was pronounced dead at the scene while another 1-month-old was taken to the hospital with "traumatic head injuries" and three other young children were found "covered in dirt" and with "insects crawling out of their ears."

400 by Nelson Oliveira. MOVED


^Woman pulls knife, steals $2 million in jewelry from Southern California mall, police say<

CALIF-JEWELRYTHEFT:LA — Police have arrested a Newport Beach woman they say brandished a large kitchen knife and made off with more than $2 million in jewelry from a Costa Mesa store, authorities said.

250 by Priscella Vega in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Meat Loaf sues Dallas hotel, convention after fall from stage that he's still recovering from<

MEATLOAF-LAWSUIT:DA — The singer Meat Loaf is suing a Dallas hotel and a horror convention after a fall from a stage last year that he said left him seriously injured and unable to perform.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Tarrant County district court, names the Hyatt hotel chain and Texas Frightmare Weekend as defendants and seeks unspecified monetary damages.

450 by Tom Steele in Dallas. (Moved as an entertainment story.) MOVED


^Parkland shooter may soon face trial over alleged attack on jail guard<

PARKLAND-CRUZ-JAILGUARD:FL — Prosecutors still want to bring the Parkland school shooter in front of a jury by the end of this month, but not for murder.

Nikolas Cruz, 21, is scheduled to go on trial Jan. 27 on four criminal counts stemming from his alleged attack on a Broward jail guard in November 2018. Cruz is accused of punching Sgt. Ray Beltran, wrestling him to the ground and taking his stun gun.

400 by Rafael Olmeda in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^Andrew Pollack, father of victim, says new tech would save lives in school shootings<

FLA-SCHOOLSHOOTING-FATHER:FL — Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was killed in the Parkland shooting, has joined forces with a software company to ready for school threats with many new high-tech safety tools.

The company, IntraLogic Solutions, links law enforcement agencies to schools and gives them access to an intercom system, among other upgrades. Either at the push of a button or at the first 911 call, a map that includes interactive floor plans and photos of classrooms will pop up in command centers.

1100 (with trims) by Brooke Baitinger and Lisa J. Huriash in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^TSA investigating claim of offensive treatment at airport<

TSA-BRAIDS-COMPLAINT:MS — Tara Houska has had past trouble with her braids setting off alarms as she passed through airport body scanners, but she said she has never experienced anything like what happened Monday at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

That's when, Houska said, a Transportation Security Administration employee patted down her braids looking for weapons, began laughing and then pulled them back behind her head and "whipped them like reins."

"It was a very uncomfortable situation," Houska said.

600 by Tim Harlow in Minneapolis. MOVED


^86-year-old man who robbed a bank is pulled over 1 mile away, South Carolina cops say<

^ELDERLY-BANKROBBER:CH—<An 86-year-old bank robber was easily captured Monday in South Carolina, after he apparently drove too cautiously to make the necessary fast getaway, according to the Greenville Police Department.

200 by Mark Price. MOVED


^Cop once named Orlando's officer of the year disciplined for taunting teen during arrest<

OFFICER-TAUNTING:OS — An Orlando police officer who was named 2018's patrol officer of the year was disciplined recently after body camera footage showed him "taunt, belittle, humiliate and even incite violence" while detaining a teenager for violating a city ordinance in May, an internal investigation found.

1250 (with trims) by Tess Sheets in Orlando, Fla. MOVED


^Tekashi69 asks judge to let him serve rest of sentence under house arrest<

TEKASHI69:NY — Rapper Tekashi69 says his star performance as a government informant has put a bull's-eye on his back — and he wants to spend the rest of his prison sentence under house arrest, according to a new court filing.

The former Nine Trey Bloods member, whose turn as a federal songbird turned him into an internet meme, was sentenced to two years behind bars — including 13 months of time served — for his violent role in the bloodthirsty gang.

500 by John Annese in New York. MOVED


^Guitars signed by Dylan, Springsteen, Clapton, McCartney and U2 stolen from Florida storage unit<

STOLENGUITARS:DBN — A thief hit a sour note by stealing guitars signed by legendary rockers Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and U2 from a storage unit here, according to a police report.

On Tuesday, police found one of the guitars when a man tried to sell it at OK Pawn.

700 by Frank Fernandez in Daytona Beach, Fla. MOVED


^Human Rights Watch: China poses dire threat to global rights system<

CHINA-HUMANRIGHTS:DPA — China poses an increasingly dire threat to the international human rights system, Human Rights Watch said in its annual report released on Tuesday.

The Chinese government under President Xi Jinping "has constructed an Orwellian high-tech surveillance state and a sophisticated internet censorship system to monitor and suppress public criticism," HRW director Kenneth Roth said in the report.

500 by Sophie Wingate and Viola Gaskell in New York. MOVED


^Asylum-seekers forced to wait in Mexico get video access to attorneys in US<

IMMIGRATION-ASYLUM-ATTORNEYS:DA — Faced with a rising humanitarian crisis, immigrant rights organizations from both sides of the border on Tuesday launched a pilot program to create a virtual bridge aimed at providing legal aid to thousands of asylum-seekers forced to wait in Mexico.

The program, Puentes Libres, or Free Bridges, spearheaded by Texas state Sen. Jose Rodriguez and Juarez Mayor Armando Cabada, will help migrants awaiting the outcome of their U.S. asylum cases consult with U.S.-based lawyers via teleconferencing.

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^Benedict XVI disowns co-authorship of controversial celibacy book<

RELIG-POPE-CELIBACY:DPA — Retired pope Benedict XVI never agreed to appear as the co-author of a controversial book on priestly celibacy, his personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, said Tuesday.

It was a remarkable disavowal of a work seen by many as both an attack on Pope Francis' authority and a serious breach of Benedict's promise to remain "hidden to the world" following his retirement in 2013.

In the book, Benedict is presented as arguing against a relaxation of the celibacy rule for priests, wading into a topic on which Francis is due to make a decision within a few weeks.

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^Study: Vegetable-rich diet doesn't stop or cure prostate cancer<

MED-DIET-PROSTATECANCER:SD — A new study by the University of California, San Diego casts doubt on the belief of many scientists and the public that a diet rich in vegetables might slow the progression of prostate cancer, a disease that kills about 33,000 Americans a year.

The findings were based on a study in which more than 200 men who had been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer significantly increased their consumption of vegetables over a two-year period.

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^Amorous giant tortoise from San Diego is saving his species from extinction<

ENV-TORTOISE-MATING:SD — A giant tortoise from the San Diego Zoo has created his own Galapagos Islands following — literally.

The love life of Diego, a playboy tortoise, has gained him a place in the national spotlight.

Diego came to the San Diego Zoo as a young adult in the early 1930s when several land tortoises from the Galapagos Islands were shipped to U.S. zoos. In the mid-1970s, Diego was sent back to the Galapagos to assist in a breeding program to save the area's dwindling population of the gentle giants.

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^10 years after Haiti's earthquake: A decade of aftershocks and unkept promises<

HAITI-QUAKE-10YEARS:MI — For nearly three years after the Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake, Haiti's main public square was a densely crowded tent city packed with makeshift huts made from cardboard, plywood and bedsheets in the shadow of a ruined presidential palace.

Walk through the Champ de Mars today and the displaced survivors of the quake who once called it home are long gone — replaced by ice cream vendors, novice student drivers and a new government administrative corridor in the center of the city.

As a disaster-prone Haiti marks the 10th anniversary of an unimaginable catastrophe, Haitians and the international community that pledged to help the country rebuild can point to a few signs of progress.

But a decade of political and economic aftershocks and billions of dollars in mismanaged and unaccounted-for aid have left the country struggling with its recovery, and no more ready today to withstand another massive tremor than it was the day the 7.0 magnitude quake struck.

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^To this man, Islamic State's ideology 'just made sense.' Now, he rejects extremism<

ISLAMICSTATE-SYMPATHIZER:LA — On a rainy morning, Imran Rabbani returned to the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center so he could reunite with his former keepers.

Four years before, Rabbani had arrived at the facility in shackles after being swept up in an Islamic State-inspired plot to set off a pressure-cooker bomb in New York. He was 17.

Now, just starting his third semester at New York University, the 22-year-old Rabbani wanted to give thanks to the people who guided him away from Islamist extremism. As he waited in the library last summer, glancing at books that had proved crucial to his transformation, the room slowly filled with city officials, staff and guards.

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