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The city should have never got involved with people who had no experience in developing such a project. The Mills made their money from the internet. More power to them, but that doesn't mean they are qualified for a project such as the Hitcents Plaza or restaurants, or real estate development of any kind. If the city wanted the project or any project downtown done right, they should have focused on attracting experienced developers.


If it wasn't for the TIF district this would not be happening. Do some research online about TIF's and all the headaches associated with them. They are nightmares. If private developers won't develop anything on their own, why would government sanctioned developments work? There's a reason nobody has ever put a dime of private money into downtown.


It's not hard to savor the humility that is being forced on the Mills group. True they are arrogant and self serving, and apparently willing to take advantage of others along the way.

However, let's wait and see how this works out before passing final judgement. I suspect a combination of cost overruns and operating losses sucked the missing $2.4MM. That doesn't mean the project is a total failure yet. For those of you that like to research, check out the saga of Kenwood Towne Place in Cincinnati.

I was not an initial supporter of the TIF, nor really a current supporter, but the fact is it is now up. How can it be maximized?

I'm not an engineer or architect, but the design is fraught with flaws. One of my co-workers pointed out that a few weeks ago they were in Mariah's, and it was pouring rain. They were not allowed internal passage to their vehicles in the garage, and had to go outside to enter the parking area. Got drenched.

Some changes could make this more viable. Time will tell. It sucks that the money is already out the door, but know one will win/benefit now if we pull the plug. Should the Mills family continue to manage it. Seems clearly "NO".

I think there must be a lot more to this story than is being made available to the public.


Steamers will come in to old Mariah's building and become the beacon in the night for a dining establishment. Too bad our leaders sold out to the Mills Family without marketing the estabilshment to experts in the field of making money and successful business ventures.
Can we please recognize the Hitcents bums for what they are? Acting like tempermental spoiled bu**theads and treating WKU student interns like indentured slaves is a good place to start. Move along now to a tremendous co$t to the community is where it will end.
Watch and see if they don't pull an Indianapolis Colts move in the middle of the night.

They Call Me Bad News

And just like that, the allegations of impropriety start being flung! Where are the people who think that this means the entire downtown redevelopment is invalid? They're running late, it seems.


And the fun has just begun ! Lets hold out voting officials responsible for this.

Larry Fiehn

I've always figure if an idea is good for making money, some enterprising capitalist will manage to find a way to make it happen without taxpayers funding it. Now...I wonder how much we taxpayers will get hit for this misadventure?


Imagine....Only a week or 2 after BG gets named a most 'Ethical City" ahahahaha[whistling]


This is a huge BLACK EYE for the city of Bowling Green for many reasons. Elected and non elected need to be held accountable. I am so proud we have the BGDN to look into and report back to the voter / taxpayers.

Follow the money and more times than not it leads to greedy people who are to dumb to understand work ethic but smart enough to manipulate the system.

Bob Talley
Voter / Taxpayer / Vet


Keep an eye on this and remember the outcome at the next election. I expect the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the hubris of the so-called developers. That thing is an eyesore, too. It appears to be mechanically unsound, it's likely structurally unsound, and will either have to be re-engineered or demolished. I wonder which will cost more? Who do you thinnk will pay for that? What a great contribution to downtown!

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