Students of legal drinking age at Western Kentucky University could be sipping beer and wine in a new campus restaurant in the fall. 

Gary Meszaros, assistant vice president of Business and Auxillary Services, said the tentative date for the restaurant’s opening is mid-October.

The yet-unnamed restaurant will be in Garrett Conference Center and will serve a burger and wings style menu along with alcohol, he said.  

Meszaros said the university has hired an architect, drawn up plans and is looking for bids. The restaurant will be on the side of the building closest to Cherry Hall and the Faculty House right above Subway, he said. 

Trentin Corbin, 23, a Campbellsville senior, said serving alcohol in campus restaurants makes sense.  

“I think it would be relaxing to have a beer,” he said. 

Corbin said serving alcohol in one restaurant opens the door to serving it elsewhere on campus. Having a wet campus might be better for students by not forcing them to be hide their drinking, he said.

Corbin also said the Red Zone, a sports bar styled restaurant in Downing Student Union, might be a more appropriate location. 

Adding the restaurant is the administration’s response to a Student Government Association resolution passed in December requesting students be allowed to buy and possess alcohol on campus. 

Previously, students over 21 were allowed to purchase and consume alcohol at tailgating and athletic events, concerts and other special events with catering services. The resolution requested students be allowed to buy alcohol at campus restaurants, such as Red Zone. Aramark, not the university, holds the liquor license for previous sales and is seeking to expand its ability to sell on campus.

Nicki Taylor, former SGA president and a recent graduate, shared Corbin’s opinion and described the location chosen for the restaurant as “not the most ideal.”

However, she does appreciate the building staff’s attempts to make the location safer for students by requesting new lighting and other changes in preparation of the restaurant’s installation. 

“As far as I can tell, what is happening does fit the bill of what SGA has asked for,” she said.

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