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If it was anybody else other than someone working under our Judicial system they would be buried under the jail. No questions asked. And no bond.


Do you suppose the 2 shots in Brandon's arm were defensive? " I am in my vehicle, man comes up and points gun, I throw my arm up and POW POW POW. 2 shots in the arm one in the head. I go home and get paid to stay there. Brandon dies." End of story?


I am wondering why Brown didn't pull his badge out until everyone started toward Brandon to help him. Precious minutes were lost in helping a helpless man after being shot once in the head. If Bradshaw was a threat to him after being shot in the head then Brown is delusional. Come on people, would you be a threat to anyone after a bullit went through your head or neck for that matter. Why was he shot two more times? Just to make sure he satayed down?


“Everybody needs to reserve judgment until the investigation is complete,” Simpson said, adding that the events have been tragic for both families."

I agree with the respect for families and praying for them but I do have questions.

Granted I was not there. I don't know anything except what I hear on the news and read in the papers. That said I don't understand how two men can get into a gun fight in broad daylight and one was not able to leave and the other one left the scene.

According to the news Mr. Brown left the scene of the shooting. I don't know either man involved but I am wondering out loud if Mr. Brown even was read his rights, taken to jail or given any blood tests looking for drugs or alcohol in his system.

All the press reported was that Mr. Brown has been placed on leave. Paid or not paid leave I don't know.

I will ask for anyone to explain to me how you can be involved in a shoot out, leave the scene and not be in jail ? I'm gonna guess that 99.9 percent of the rest of us would have been drug out of our homes by a S.W.A.T. team.

There are enough accusations,here say and innuendo floating around and I'm not taking sides or trying to stir the pot. I am however a Voter / Taxpayer who is curious and looking forward to further explanation of just what happened.

Bob Talley
Voter / Taxpayer


my opinion: the self defense theory does not fly, Brown got out of his vehicle and approached Bradshaw's vehicle looking for trouble, looks like he found it. why isn't he in custody.


From all i can gather, Brandon was an unarmed man. The police man in this sitution definitly sounds not only in the wrong, but criminal. Just because a citizen argued with him, does not give him the right to bear arms. That & Brandon was sitting in the truck, so how much of a threat could he be. Then i read below of another unarmed man being killed on Clay St. This officer she be on unpaid leave pending the investigation. He was off duty & subject to the same laws as any other citizen. The full details have not come to light , but this whole situation is sketchy & know a God fearing man & pillar with the youths of this area, life hangs in the balance. Say wht you want about Brown , also being a good man, i feel it in my bones he made a wrong decision & hope he pays for the life he put into the balance.


wtf123, tragic situation and i hope your cousin makes a full and rapid recovery. i was only using the examples to explain to NK Fro why i would never surrender my 2nd ammendment rights. You're probably right in saying that if it was anybody else they would've been taken into custody.


Justice, just like to say that Brandon shouldn't have had to "prevent himself from being shot". Have you ever had a heated arguement? Ever got so heated that you pulled a gun? I think theres a BIG line there... Had you pulled a gun on someone in mid-afternoon on a busy street, you would be in jail, no questions asked but becasue this man had a title he is sitting at home with his family. My cousin is fighting for his life, excuse me if the politics of it all tick me off a bit. You sound like an educated man with the ability to form unbias opinions. But to claim that maybe he had every right to use deadly force does not explain the details. Not even the tiny ones that have been released.


Kinda off topic from this story, but whatever happened in the case of the officer who shot and killed the unarmed citizen on clay street. Is he still on leave,back on duty? I can't recall hearing about the outcome of that "investigation".


Why is no one in custody yet? How can you get by with pulling out a gun on a crowded street and shooting somebody 3 times and not even be taken in to custody until all the facts are found????? Blue code of silence perhaps????


I can't wait until the Courier Journal reports on this so I can find out what really happened and is happening. Too much good ol' boy journalism network here in BG to get to the truth. Not only do they not have answers, they don't even ask the questions.


why did mr.brown shoot so many times, if the other man was doing something wrong while he didn't call and as for help, not take matters into your on hands because you felt that you could. one question. why did he get out of his truck, whats the code when office need help. just saying sometime there are other ways to solve a problem. don't take me wrong. I LOVE OUR KY POLICE AND SHERIFF i am one of the first to stand with then. but they still got to do what is right, just saying again STAND FOR WHATS RIGHT, praying for MR. BRADSHAW wife and kids my heart go's out to them.


[sad] First off my Prayers for the family. Actually both families. But why fire 3SHOTS!!!??? One should never have been fired!!! He was court Security So WHY A GUN OFF DUTY. Wonder if the REAL TRUTH WILL COME OUT OR A BLUE WALL will go up. I do Believe in Stae Troopers but thats about it. Seems like way to many guns on the streets EVEN FOR THE LAW!!!! Once again my prayers go out for the Man SHOT # TIMES!!! And prayers for the other mans Family and for what their going through because of him.


Fro, have you ever heard the saying "if i have to explain it to you,you wouldn't understand". that applies here.


the authorities have not revealed if a weapon was recovered from mr bradshaws vehicle or person so we don't know if there was only one, Fro. like i said in my previous comment , we'll be lucky if we ever recieve an unbiased, truthful report. maybe the deputy was in the right in his use of "deadly force", in which case his carrying a weapon saved his life. maybe the deputy made a mistake, and if bradshaw had a weapon he could have prevented himself from being shot.[sleeping]

How so, justice? ONE had a firearm.


i thought the same thing BBW, roadrage. probably more to it, we'll never know. An excellent example for never surrendering your 2nd ammendment rights.


@mikedenney: Mike you and everyone else, including law enforcement have questions and think this is really really bizzare BUT please...read the freekin story before you post...then read it again. Former Constable it says, so this does not appear to be a blue on blue or friendly fire shooting.
KSP will determine if this was justified shooting or some sort of road rage stupidity and the Commonwealth Attorney's office will proceed if charges should be filed. Take a step back and a deep breath big guy.


There is obviously a lot more to this story. There are two men involved here and we are only hearing about the wonderful reputation of one. Tommy Brown is also a very good man who has loved and served our community. He too has a family that has been traumatized by this event. Let's remember both of these men, and their families in our thoughts and prayers.


I'm sorry...I think I meant 'Smith'...I can't follow this story at all...just hope the guy shot makes it.


Why was Major Brown's wife with him when he shot another officer?
Why did he (according to the witness quoted in this article) hesitate, GUN DRAWN, then reach for his badge?
Wouldn't these 2 guys already know each other? If so, then wouldn't his badge be only for 'show', to the public?
I have many more, but this sounds so crazy right now, I can't even put 'em to words.
Hope Bradshaw comes out okay--he sounds like a good guy, and I dunno about the shooter-cop. Sounds more than weird.

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