Warren County Sheriff's Office Court Security Officer Tommy Brown shot Brandon Bradshaw Tuesday in the parking lot of Michelle’s Consignment Boutique, 1135 U.S. 31-W By-Pass, according to Warren County Chief Deputy Tommy Smith.

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Any new news on this? This whole deal is bizarre and unnerving. Court security officers have no peace officer powers and no authority to enforce the law when off-duty. They are not deputy sheriffs, and there is a Kentucky law that strictly prohibits being a court security officer and a deputy sheriff at the same time. Court security officers only have their powers while at the courthouse and during prisoner transports.

So, the shooting should have been investigated as a civilian shooting. Court security officers are not afforded the same privilege to carry a concealed weapon at all locations while off-duty like deputy sheriffs, police officers, jailers and deputy jailers, etc. are. They are only afforded this privilege while exercising their official duties on the clock. So, the security officer was either carrying openly or in a factory installed storage compartment or he had a CDWL. With this said, it is disturbing that he shot the man in his truck. I could understand if the officer had shot the man while trying to gain access into the officer's truck, because then the officer would have been justified to use lethal force as allowed under KRS Chapter 503. This is not the case, however, and the officer was out of his vehicle when the shooting occurred. This really is upsetting, and I would really like an update.


Speaking of the FBI, if you want to contact them, then here is an online tip form: https://tips.fbi.gov/


Still No answers. It is time someine is arrested. Anyone else would have been behind bars within a matter of an hour. Why isn't Brown behinde those bars. He should be stuck there for the rest of his life with the pictures of those three boys crying for their Daddy especially the week old baby.


I don't care how many "Nazi" officers there are in Bowling Green. Bowling Green has always been known as "The Little Chicago", because of its unlawful activities, and things being "overlooked", shall we say. But, it should be pretty simple. If Bowling Green's "finest" decide to cover up this incident, get the FBI involved! Shake it up a bit! Let the truth come out and the guilty be reprimanded! Death Row is something that he needs to understand as a reality!


Let's all hope that the truth comes out !! With all the local Nazi's closing ranks I doubt they will report the truth. If the young man Brandon Bradshaw had no weapon in his possession the Deputy needs to be charged with murder plain and simple then the needle shortly thereafter !! No Deals with the Crooked Commonwealth Attorneys here. No Manslaughter, No BS Aggravated Assault, Lots of Transparency of the results of Investigation and if this young man was unarmed the Deputy needs to FRY !!


If you look on WBKO's site you will see more information regarding what happened - of course no one really knows the full story except for the off duty deputy Tommy Brown, the victim who is still fighting for his life Brandon Bradshaw - we are praying of both families and I know many just want to know what really happened - the main thing right now is praying for Brandon to recover - he has a lot of pressure in his brain so he is just hanging on - the Lord continues to keep him with us - thanks again


@Arland3 No kidding! I'm from BG but now live out of state. I came to the Daily News site to read more about the incident, but there is no actual story posted? Just photos with similar captions? I got more on this via Facebook posts...Not to mention no update about Brandon's progress? ...[thumbdown]


What happened?

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