The City-County Planning Commission of Warren County recommended for approval Thursday a zoning change that would allow The Club at Olde Stone LLC to develop nearly 27 acres on Old Scottsville Road with single-family residences, a new golf course and additional uses related to the course.

Olde Stone developer Jim Scott proposed to rezone 26.95 acres at 4031 Old Scottsville Road from agriculture to planned unit development, which would enable Olde Stone to develop the property with a new golf course and a maximum of 15 lots for single-family residences.

“The following represent permitted uses: a par 3 golf course and ancillary uses such as a club house, meeting space, bed and breakfast, and/or maintenance facility; and single-family, detached residences,” the general development plan included in Olde Stone’s application stated.

The eight commissioners in attendance approved the application unanimously after hearing from engineer Brian Shirley and attorney Darrell Price, who clarified a few points about the plan. No one in attendance spoke against the planned development.

Olde Stone’s proposal was unique in that it included a golf course. A golf course is considered commercial, but an unlit golf course is a permitted use in the agriculture zone. Since the course is planned to be unlit, developers were able to start months ago on building the short, nine-hole course called The Sinkhole.

The course will feature a putting green and a course of nearly 24,000 square feet featuring holes between 35 and 125 yards long.

The general development plan says temporary lighting for events on the new golf course “shall be limited to use during the event only” and will be “minimally intrusive” to adjacent properties.

Sales/marketing manager Cayla Rios said Olde Stone hopes the new course – designed by member and architect Jerry Lemons – will be open this fall.

A commission staff member indicated that Olde Stone didn’t have to rezone the entire area, but chose to do so. The residential aspects of the proposed development remained the primary reason for the zoning change application.

According to a site review, the property has frontage on Old Scottsville Road, but a privately maintained roadway called Village Way will provide the only access to the golf course and all residential lots.

The property is seeking annexation into the city of Bowling Green. The Bowling Green City Commission approved on first reading Tuesday an ordinance to annex the property, and a second reading is expected June 18.

“I’m glad to have them join in,” Mayor Bruce Wilkerson told the Daily News. “It’s really wise on their part – it would make it consistent for the whole Olde Stone neighborhood.”

The minimum lot size will be 0.40 acres. All homes will be at least 2,500 square feet, and no structure will exceed 21/2 stories, including any ancillary uses for the par 3 golf course.

The applicants agreed to several conditions in their general development plan, including preserving mature, hardwood tree canopies and trying to not disturb any existing sinkholes and wetlands during the development process. If any sinkhole or wetland is disturbed, it “shall be repaired or restored.”

– Daily News reporter Drake Kizer may be reached at or by calling 270-783-3257.


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