Hoping to succeed where others have failed, the owners of Bowling Green’s Dublin’s Irish Pub are planning to bring a restaurant specializing in pizza to a downtown location that was most recently home to Shots bar.

Located at 422 E. Main Ave. in the alley next to the Capitol Arts Center, Shots did not reopen after being shut down during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dublin’s owners Kent and Kaitlyn Zysk decided to fill the void with a business plan they had been considering for a while.

“We had always kinda joked about how downtown needed a late-night pizza place,” said Kaitlyn Zysk, who has owned Dublin’s at 904 State St. in partnership with her husband for the past two years. “The opportunity just came to us.”

The Zysks decided to open what they’re calling the Alley Pub and Pizza, catering to downtown bar patrons.

“We’re shooting for opening July 15,” Kaitlyn Zysk said. “We don’t want to open too soon. We just got Dublin’s back open this week” after being closed for the pandemic.

The Alley Pub and Pizza location, which had been home to the Roam Sandwich Co. eatery before Shots moved in, will start slowly because of the coronavirus restrictions, Kaitlyn Zysk said.

“We’re starting small,” she said. “We’ll start out strictly with pizza, but we eventually want to offer sandwiches and breadsticks. We’re going to try to deliver to every bar on the downtown square.”

Delivery will be the eatery’s bread-and-butter, but the Alley Pub will also have a bar and seating for up to 30 people.

“We have a large patio area and will utilize that to increase our seating,” said Kaitlyn Zysk, who has a background in food service that includes working at the Hilligan’s Sports Bar & Grill on College Street.

Kaitlyn Zysk said plans call for the Alley Pub to be open and serving pizzas from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Its location within walking distance of downtown bars and a growing number of apartments will be an advantage, she said.

“I feel like the nightlife in downtown is slowly increasing,” she said.

Despite that growth potential, Kaitlyn Zysk admits to some trepidation about this new venture.

“We’re definitely nervous,” she said. “But we’re excited about this opportunity.”

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Owner of Shots here, and I'm so glad for this reporting or I never would have known Shots failed! [lol] We had a blast in our new location for the last year and saw things grow tremendously after the move from 1044 State! Living in Louisville and trying to navigate re-opening around ever-changing coronavirus info was too much uncertainty for this worrywart, but the Zysks are the right folks in the right place at the right time to make this work well and safely for BG. And knowing customers on the Square, I believe they're gonna crush it with their pizza pub!

So hey Daily News, maybe try a little more positivity in your reporting, cause the last thing downtown needs right now when folks are busting their humps to keep the local economy afloat is emphasizing uncertainty. Our own poking around before we moved into 422 1/2 told us that several of the handful of businesses there prior to us got TOO successful for the tiny space. It's why Shots decided to make the move, and we found it true enough to be scouting similar locations in other towns for possible expansion before the pandemic changed things. The Alley isn't moving into a bum space. It's set up for every shot at success, and everyone should be sure to go check it out when it opens!! [thumbup]

The All Knowing

Greatest first line ever on a response! :) Thankful to you and the investment you made in our community. Best of luck in every endeavor you're involved in. Doug Gorman

Absolutely Positively

LOL at " Our own poking around before we moved into 422 1/2 told us that several of the handful of businesses there prior to us got TOO successful for the tiny space."

SHOTS - out of business

Pie Queen - moved to 422 1/2 from Alvaton then moved back to Alvaton

Roam Sandwich - out of business

Don't know why you're getting on the DN's case about uncertainty, as it was the new tenant made mention of being nervous about the new business.

Absolutely Positively

This decision is cringeworthy.

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