Bowling Green’s Poston Electronics – which has adjusted to changes in technology and consumer habits since its beginnings in 1974 – is adjusting again.

The company at 875 Broadway Ave. won approval Thursday from the City-County Planning Commission of Warren County to rezone its 0.14-acre lot from general business to central business and was approved for a variance of 13.5 feet on the setback distance from a single-family residence in order to accommodate a change in how it handles custom audio installations.

Michael Poston, the longtime owner of the business before he sold it to Mike Cornelius and became an employee, said the company plans to extend the building by about 30 feet to facilitate installations of electronics on larger vehicles.

“We’re trying to add more garage space,” Poston said. “We built a two-car garage in 1986 when we were working with smaller cars. Now people are coming in with bigger trucks, which means we need more space to accommodate the larger vehicles.”

Poston said the company also handles commercial and residential installations of audio and video systems, but this expansion is geared toward installations in cars, trucks and boats.

“This will enhance what we’re doing,” he said. “We’ve had to work outside on some of the larger trucks because the garage wasn’t big enough. Our goal is to find an outcome that the customer enjoys.”

The planning commission approved both the rezoning and the variance application by 12-0 votes. The rezoning will go to the Bowling Green City Commission for final approval.

The planning commission also approved a rezoning for property on Indianola Street that should allow for an addition to a small apartment complex.

Bryan Carrico and Jonathan Wysong, partners in the Choice Rental Properties limited liability corporation, were approved in an 11-1 vote (with Sandy Clark voting no) for rezoning a 0.38-acre tract at 1224 and 1228 Indianola St. from general business to multi-family residential.

Choice Rental Properties was also approved for a change in the property’s Future Land Use Map designation from moderate density residential to high density residential.

Those approvals will allow the partners to add two more apartments to a development that now has four four-bedroom units.

Carrico said the additional apartments will not require adding on to the two existing buildings. The two new apartments, which he said would be one- or two-bedroom units, will be built in the basement level of the property.

“The property was initially built that way,” Carrico said. “We purchased the property about two months ago with the intention to finish off the basement area.”

The rezoning will go to the Bowling Green City Commission for final approval.

– Follow business reporter Don Sergent on Twitter @BGDNbusiness or visit

​– Follow business reporter Don Sergent on Twitter @BGDNbusiness or visit


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