SCOTTSVILLE — Gary Glueck died because he didn’t want to listen to satanic music.

Glueck, 71, a U.S. military veteran living in Scottsville Manor nursing home was strangled to death Thursday night inside a room at the home. Another resident of the home, a man who legally changed his name from Robert Reynolds to The Reverend has been charged with murder in Glueck’s death.

Word spread quickly in this community of just over 4,000 people about the town’s fourth homicide in four months.

The community responded on bended knees Friday night at East Willow St. Church of God where pastors, residents, a uniformed police sergeant and his wife and many others prayed aloud at the altar for God’s healing.

Just prior to Glueck’s death, he and Reverend argued. Reverend, 35, wanted to listen to satanic music, Scottsville Police Chief Jeff Pearson said. Glueck didn’t want to hear it.

“That’s what started this,” Pearson said.

Glueck died after being stabbed with an ink pen and a plastic spork and strangled with an electric cord that police said was wrapped around his neck. Asphyxia via strangulation is his official cause of death, Allen County Coroner Darren Davis said.

After Glueck’s death, Reverend approached the nurse’s station and told them he killed Glueck, Pearson said.

“Our community has experienced such tragedy, and we just need to turn to God. He will guide us through this thing,” church member Karen Foster said Friday night after praying to the point of tears with her husband, Scottsville Police Sgt. Chadd Foster, by her side. He took a short break from policing to pray for his town and the remainder of the country.

“God comes first,” Chadd Foster said.

East Willow Youth Pastor Keith Patrick and his father, Pastor Danny Patrick, opened the church’s doors to the community from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday for anyone who wanted to pray for healing.

“This is not a flesh-and-bone battle,” Keith Patrick said. “This is a spiritual battle.

“Tragedy is going to strike,” he said. “How we respond to what’s going on shows who we are.

“We are Christians. This is a Christian community, so we turn to prayer,” Patrick said.

Scottsville Manor administrator Lesa Keen spent Friday reassuring residents in the 40-bed facility she manages that their home is safe.

“Our number one priority is the care and comfort of our residents,” Keen said. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends affected.”

Glueck, who has no known living relatives, became a ward of the state in 2013, Davis said.

He had been a resident of Scottsville Manor since June 2015.

“Gary was funny but very stubborn,” Keen said. “He loved watching TV, especially the Animal Planet. He loved dogs and wanted chicken salad every day.

“His birthday was today, and he will be missed by all that cared for him. Other than the staff and his state guardian worker, he had one friend he loved getting mail from,” Keen said.

Former Allen County Sheriff Sam Carter, whose sister Teresa Carter is also a resident of Scottsville Manor, said he went to the facility Thursday as soon as he heard about the incident to make sure his sister was all right.

“The residents, very few of them, knew what was going on,” Carter said. He complimented Keen’s handling of the tragic situation. Keen spoke to any residents who had concerns and made sure to answer all questions asked.

“Lesa has a connection. That’s the person you want taking care of your family,” Carter said. “She takes it personal and the nurses do too. She treats (the residents) like a family.

“It’s a very good place,” he said. “I didn’t take my sister home last night. I felt safe.

“It’s a tragedy that happened,” Carter said. “It’s an awful tragedy.”

Elvis Farley, pastor of Abounding Grace Ministries, stopped by Willow St. Church to pray for Scottsville.

“I’ve been here my whole life,” the 59-year-old said. “It’s been four in four. That’s just too many. It makes you wonder what’s going on.

“I think this is a wonderful thing,” he said of the open prayer service. “I believe in prayer. There’s a lot of hurting people everywhere. Prayer moves the hands of God.”

Reverend was booked Thursday night into the Allen County Detention Center and is being held without bond. He will be arraigned Wednesday in Allen District Court.

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