Parents and teachers serving on Potter Gray Elementary School’s site-based decision-making council are working to find a replacement for former Principal Byron Darnall, who took a job as principal of Franklin-Simpson High School last month.

Ken May, director of personnel for the Bowling Green Independent School District, said four teachers and three parents have set a tight deadline for finalizing their pick. The group hopes to reach a decision by June 20, but that’s a tentative deadline, May said.

“They’re looking for the best fit for their school, (the) best fit for their kids,” May said.

It’s a tight deadline, May said, because the council members’ terms expire June 30. The training and selection process would have to start over with a new group after that date.

In Kentucky, principals are selected by the school’s council, with the superintendent, or designee, serving as chairperson of the council during the selection process. The superintendent has the same voting rights as any other council member when it comes to making a hiring decision.

On Tuesday, Potter Gray’s SBDM council met to conduct principal selection training.

“The training consisted of learning about the legal aspects of hiring a principal and also going over the best practices in hiring a principal,” May said.

The group also discussed stakeholder survey results related to the search, created a candidate profile and developed interview questions, according to an agenda for the special-called meeting.

May said the group has also started reviewing applications. As of Wednesday, May said the vacancy drew 12 applicants. The vacancy is posted at

The council has collected feedback from parents, teachers and other district employees through a survey that drew 239 total responses, 192 of which came from parents.

Common themes for a worthy candidate include an effective communicator and someone who prioritizes the academic needs of all students, May said of the survey results. Stakeholders also wanted a “visible” principal who’s friendly with teachers and staff both at school and at school events, and someone who demonstrates leadership, May said.

Candidate interviews, which are typically conducted in private, will begin as early as next week, May said.

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