One of Bowling Green’s long-established restaurants is getting some upgrades.

Rafferty’s Restaurant & Bar at 1939 Scottsville Road is getting about $250,000 worth of renovations and additions, according to a building permit filed with the city of Bowling Green.

The work will include a small addition to better accommodate the restaurant’s catering business along with a new deck in front of the restaurant.

“It’s mostly a renovation, with a small addition for our catering operations,” said David Bernado, manager of construction at Rafferty’s corporate office in Bowling Green. “A large portion of the work will be upgrading the kitchen and mechanical systems.”

Bernado said the Bowling Green Rafferty’s opened in 1981 and has undergone some “cosmetic remodels” over the years but needed some more work to stay up-to-date.

“It’s an older building, so we’re trying to refresh it while not losing the charm people have grown to love,” Bernado said.

Work on the building has already started, and Bernado said it will mostly be done after hours to avoid conflicts with the restaurant’s operation.

Rafferty’s Bowling Green Site Manager John Renfrow described the renovations in a text message as “nothing that the public will see very much” except for the new deck and sunroom.

“The new deck will be approximately the same size as the existing one,” Bernado said, “but it will be all on one level.”

Bernado said work on the building will take place “over the next several months” and will involve “a lot of nighttime work.”

The Rafferty’s restaurant chain, started by Bowling Green restaurateur Dan Davis in 1981, now has 16 locations across Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and Indiana. Davis has also had a hand in starting Bowling Green restaurants Double Dogs, Montana Grille and Corner Bakery.

Bernado said the renovations are important because of the Bowling Green location’s status as the original Rafferty’s.

“This is our flagship store, and it’s still doing very well,” Bernado said. “We hope our customers appreciate the upgrades.”

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Best restaurant in town.

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