Renovation of the Warren County Public Works building at 1141 State St. will result in some extra office and storage space – and some extra cost.

Warren Fiscal Court, meeting by videoconference Friday, approved a change order of $36,027 for additions to the renovations of the building. The magistrates in February approved a $563,585 bid from Miller & York LLC of Bowling Green to renovate both floors of the building that now has more space available after the City-County Planning Commission moved to new quarters at 922 State St.

County Public Works Director Josh Moore said the change order was needed to address some opportunities discovered during the renovation.

“Any time you start taking walls down, you find some structural things that need to be addressed,” Moore said. “We were able to move some things around, make the mechanical room smaller, and get some new work space in the back. There’s also a large area underneath the back stairs that we’re going to make into a storage closet.”

The renovations so far have been limited to the first floor, which had previously been used as office and meeting space for the planning commission.

Moore said the public works staff will move into the first floor in late July. Renovations of the second floor, home to the Contractors Licensing Board and Operation Pride, will begin in August or September.

Another spending item approved by the magistrates will allow the county’s mosquito spraying program to continue this summer.

Moore said the county road department and public works’ stormwater management division each operate one truck for the spraying that is done upon request throughout the county and the city of Bowling Green.

“The mosquito sprayer used by the road department is more than 20 years old, and it broke,” Moore said. “We had repaired it several times in the past, but now it’s beyond repair. We have to replace it.”

The magistrates approved an emergency resolution that allows the road department to purchase a new sprayer at a cost not to exceed $15,000.

“We desperately need it, no question,” said Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon, who said he would ask the city of Bowling Green to help with the purchase.

Among the other items approved by the magistrates Friday were these expenditures:

  • $3,870 to Finley Fire Equipment for one inflatable rescue boat.
  • $20,000 to Peel and Holland for the county employees’ wellness program.
  • $4,925 to Bowling Green Garage Doors for replacement of an overhead section door at the county road department.
  • $1,400 to the UPS Store for printing voter instructions for the primary election.
  • $2,168.52 to Gary Force Paint and Body Shop for repairs to a vehicle that was hit by a parking lamp that fell off a pole at Ed Spear Park.

Buchanon said plans call for reopening the county courthouse to the public July 6, although county departments have continued to serve the public during the coronavirus pandemic through online services and walk-up windows.

He said the next fiscal court meeting, which is scheduled for July 10, will again be a virtual meeting as the county government continues to take precautions aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

“It’s definitely not over,” Buchanon said of the pandemic, “although some people are acting like it is.

“Some people are not wearing masks, which is a sign of total disrespect for your family and friends. If you wear a mask, you’re doing yourself a favor and helping others.”

– Follow business reporter Don Sergent on Twitter @BGDNbusiness or visit

– Follow business reporter Don Sergent on Twitter @BGDNbusiness or visit

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Enough Already

Buchanon: “Some people are not wearing masks, which is a sign of total disrespect for your family and friends."

No it's not. It's a sign of living in a free country where 2 bit dictators like you can't make anyone do something they don't want too.

Looks like it's time for a new Judge Exec!

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