Four people were arrested Thursday after law enforcement responded to a complaint that a baby was being kept in a shed.

Ronda Rae Keabler, 50, Roger Dale Ramsey, 59, and Nicholas Jewell Nichols, 22, all of Bowling Green, and Virginia Rae Keabler, 20, of Cave City, were arrested on charges of first-degree criminal abuse, first-degree possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Arrest citations said the Warren County Sheriff's Office responded to a Barren River Road address to assist social workers on a complaint that a baby was being kept in a shed or loft with no water or electricity.

The complaint also included an allegation of drug use.

Deputies made contact with Virginia Keabler and Nichols, the child's parents, who showed authorities that the child was being kept in a loft that was closed off with tarps.

The loft did not have water and was being heated with gas and electric heaters, according to police records.

"The child was sleeping in a laundry hamper with a pillow," Deputy Robert Smith said in an arrest citation. "I observed three meth pipes at the top of the stairs that someone had attempted to cover with a napkin."

Ramsey and Ronda Keabler told deputies that they lived in the loft and that Nichols, Virginia Keabler and their 3-month-old child were visiting.

The child had several clothes in the loft, according to police records.

Law enforcement located several more pipes used for smoking methamphetamine after being granted consent to search the address.

A small bag of suspected meth was located under some diapers and also in Virginia Keabler's purse, according to arrest citations.

The baby was placed into protective custody and taken to The Medical Center.

The four people arrested were placed in Warren County Regional Jail under $6,000 cash bonds.


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