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e.g. Policy enacted to only give mothers healthcare at taxpayer expense. Policy enacted to only give mothers food assistance at taxpayer expense. Policies enacted to give single mothers free daycare at taxpayer expense while denying almost all fathers child custody. This results in increasing percentages of single mothers in the work force. It also eliminated the demand for higher wages. There is a supply of wages and a demand for wages. That is the equilibrium price of labor. This made the single mothers price of labor for the same work drastically lower than a male who would have to pay child support and pay for child care, or go to prison. Now that birth rates have collapsed to the lowest rates ever recorded, suddenly there is a derth of wages because the price of labor included those taxpayer subsidies designed to maximize male prison population.


Sadly, it is becoming economically disadvantaged for families to have both parents. It is beyond heartbreaking, but is the ugly brutal truth of several areas of the United States. It is not possible to choose winners and loser economically without reducing prosperity for all. For a decade or more policies were specifically enacted to benefit single mothers in a zero-sum economic model. Economics is not zero-sum. In choosing to go this route, the nation has really harmed itself. I wish I had a brighter thing to say. Nations, Localities, and collectives of people cannot destroy the benefit of human capital development for fathers/white-males without destroying their own long term prosperity in the process.

Le Ecrivain

The school district ranks it's leader exemplary because these kind of academic outcomes no longer matter in America. Most decisions are now made based upon gender and non-white status, although per the New York Times, white children are now a minority in the United States which may help the female children in the future. The males will just be treated like aborigines.

Absolutely Positively

"For Shanetti Jones, a black mother of two daughters who attend middle and elementary schools in the district, the report’s findings are personal. -snip- Jones recognizes the district’s efforts to close achievement gaps, she said, but added, “I can’t comprehend why it’s not working for the black students.”" Children from single parent homes do worse in school than those from intact, normal homes. The percentage of black children living in single parent homes is higher than that of any other race.

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