"The Fast & Furious" franchise branches out with "Hobbs & Shaw," a spinoff featuring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham that is way more fun that it has any business being.

This quintessential summer popcorn film is a high-octane, nonstop roller-coaster ride full of preposterous stunts and clever one-liners that will keep audiences entertained throughout.

"Hobbs & Shaw" brings lawman Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and former criminal Deckard Shaw (Statham) together to form an unlikely alliance when Shaw's sister Hattie (Vanessa Kirby) is framed for stealing a virus that could wipe out the entire population.

As the duo try to track down Hattie, they discover a black ops group led by a genetically enhanced former associate of Shaw's named Brixton (Idris Elba). Hobbs and Shaw set out to clear Hattie's name and secure the virus before it falls into Brixton's hands.

The film is essentially the action buddy comedy that the recent release "Stuber" tried so hard to achieve.

Giving the reins behind the camera to David Leitch proves to be a good idea, with the "Atomic Blonde" director staging some incredible sequences that defy physics (and in a lot of cases logic), but they are presented with such flair you really won't care how silly some of it really is.

You also have two action pros playing off each other, with the chemistry fantastic between Statham and Johnson. It's a lot of fun watching them take jabs at each other while trying to save the world, and Chris Morgan's script is full of one-liners that had the audience howling throughout.

This pair clearly enjoys working together and are having a good time.

Elba also enjoys himself as the villain. You can see him practically chewing up the scenery with a character that could have easily been a Marvel Comics bad guy. He's the perfect counter to Johnson and Statham's heroes and helps make even the most absurd moments in the film work.

You also get a couple of memorable cameos to spice things up, but perhaps the best thing about "Hobbs & Shaw" is Kirby, who is a revelation here. She is willing to mix it up with the boys and holds her own quite well, exchanging quips and fighting bad guys just as much as her two male leads.

"Hobbs & Shaw" left me eager to see what's in store for Kirby, but it also left me wanting more for this trio. As spinoffs go, this is one that is on par with its source material, and it's a film that clearly has more gas left in the tank.

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