Hundreds of American flags are flying across Bowling Green thanks to the Bowling Green Rotary Club’s Flags for Kids project.

Launched by the Bowling Green Rotary Club in 2018, Flags for Kids is a subscription service that costs $30 per year per household with the proceeds going toward local charities to benefit children.

The Pine Pointe Court neighborhood was the latest to get onboard with the program. Other neighborhoods that participate in the project are The Greens, Hartland Court and Courtyard at Hartland, said Dan Cherry, Rotary Club member and Flags For Kids committee chairman.

“I started it in my neighborhood, The Courtyard at Hartland, in 2016 after hearing about a similar program in Arlington, Texas,” Cherry said. “I thought it could be a good charity fundraiser for Rotary, so I pitched it to the Rotary Board and they approved it.”

Rotary “flag teams” install 15-inch underground sleeves to hold 10-foot metal poles with flags near the street at each subscriber’s home. Flags are installed and recovered on the six major flag holidays of the year: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriot Day and Veterans Day.

“Over 130 flags will be flying for our veterans this weekend,” Cherry said.

To show their appreciation for veterans and their patriotism, the Pine Pointe Court residents decided to participate in the program and will have all 23 homes with flags, said Sue Rogers, a member of the Pine Pointe Court neighborhood who helped start Flags for Kids in Pine Pointe Court.

“It makes a statement for our support of Veterans Day,” Rogers said.

“I just took it and ran with it and made copies of all the information about what the cause is for and put them in each neighbor’s mailbox and they jumped on it just like that. We had 100 percent participation,” Rogers said.

The flags will fly all weekend and be taken down after Veterans Day and put back up at the next flag holiday.

Cherry said he hopes the participating neighborhoods influence other neighborhoods around Bowling Green to get involved.

“The whole idea of Flags For Kids is to make a patriotic statement for the sponsoring neighborhood and I am hopeful it will spread all over town so the patriotic statement will be made by our entire community, not just a few neighborhoods. Of course, the program makes a little money for local charities that benefit children, too,” Cherry said.


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