A second Warren County church has reported vandalism to its property during the past week.

St. James United Methodist Church Pastor Chris Patterson said vandals spray-painted late Thursday night or early Friday morning what he described as a “male body part” on a Boy Scout trailer that was in the parking lot of the church on Winfield Drive near Cemetery Road. They also partially spray-painted over an image of an American flag on the trailer, according to Patterson.

That report follows news that vandals had spray-painted messages on Burton Memorial Baptist Church at 4377 Cemetery Road. The messages were discovered Friday and included an image of an upside-down cross and the message “GOD’S NOT REAL” in capital letters.

Another spray-painted message at Burton Memorial contained a racial slur and a smiley face in the parking lot.

Patterson said security cameras at St. James captured images of two people involved in the vandalism, one driving a car and the other doing the spray-painting. He has shared the video footage with the Bowling Green Police Department.

The pastor said the incident happened around midnight Thursday. He believes the presence of the surveillance camera may have caused the vandals to leave.

“They pulled up toward the building,” he said. “Then I think they saw the camera and left.”

Patterson speculates that the two incidents may be related.

“The timing is such that I think the two happened at around the same time,” he said. “I think they hit us first and then drove out of town.”

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the Burton Memorial incident. The BGPD is investigating the St. James incident, according to Patterson.

“I hope the police department and the sheriff’s office can figure out who did it,” Patterson said. “I hope that this is nothing more than two juveniles doing idiotic things.”

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