U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Bowling Green filed a lawsuit against the neighbor who admitted assaulting him in front of his house.

In the civil complaint, which was filed Friday in Warren Circuit Court, the Republican senator seeks an unspecified amount of compensatory and punitive damages from Rene Boucher for “physical pain and mental suffering” resulting from Boucher’s tackle of Paul as the senator was mowing his yard Nov. 3 in the Rivergreen subdivision in Bowling Green.

Paul suffered multiple rib fractures and dealt with recurrent pneumonia in the aftermath of the incident.

Boucher was arrested Nov. 3 by Kentucky State Police on a misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree assault.

He was later charged in federal court with assaulting a member of Congress, pleaded guilty to the felony offense and was sentenced this month to 30 days’ incarceration and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine.

The six-page lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of Paul by attorney Kyle Bumgarner, offers no new details about the assault, which Boucher has maintained was brought on by repeated instances of Paul stacking yard debris in an area near his property line with Boucher.

Bumgarner alleges in the complaint that Paul has suffered an “increased likelihood of, and susceptibility to, injury and disease and ... he has been deprived of his enjoyment of life” because of Boucher’s actions, which are characterized in the lawsuit as “unnecessarily cruel, malicious, willful, wanton and evinc(ing) a total reckless disregard for (Paul’s) rights, life and liberties.”

Bumgarner also requested that a judge impose an injunction against Boucher that would ban him from having any contact with Paul or his family.

Without an injunction, Paul believes Boucher “will continue in the future the pattern of stalking and harassment” of the senator and his family, Bumgarner claims in the lawsuit.

Attorney Matt Baker, who represented Boucher in the criminal case, will defend him in the civil matter as well.

“To the best of my knowledge, Sen. Paul has not suffered any loss of any income and doesn’t appear that he will in the future,” Baker said. “It was established at the sentencing hearing that he does not have any out-of-pocket medical expenses in this case, and at some point after the incident he told Fox News in an on-camera interview that he has not taken any prescription pain medication, and so all that is to say we’re going to defend this civil suit just like we would any other and see if we can get it resolved as efficiently as possible.”

Boucher has paid the $10,000 fine and has not received a date to report for his 30-day sentence, Baker said.

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You have to be kidding. What a bully and trouble maker. Cannot believe this has done. Why not send code enforcement and make this person clean up his own mess. What a joke of a guy.

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