SGA passes resolution supporting reparations for black students

Students with Western Kentucky University’s Student Government Association passed a resolution Tuesday supporting reparations for African-American students.

Western Kentucky University’s Student Government Association passed a resolution Tuesday supporting reparations for African-American students.

The resolution calls on WKU to create a task force to “assess the feasibility of test-optional admissions and geographically-weighted admissions,” citing research showing that using standardized test scores in the college admissions process “restricts the college opportunities for needy students, helping higher education perpetuate inequality.”

The resolution passed with a margin of 19-10, with one person declining to vote.

SGA senators Andrea Ambam and Brian Anderson wrote the resolution. Anderson said he and Ambam talked a lot about overcoming racial inequality as a society in drafting the resolution. He said they were inspired by a similar resolution endorsed by students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

WKU President Gary Ransdell responded to the resolution through a statement issued Thursday afternoon.

"Student success is an important ongoing discussion at Western Kentucky University, and the recruitment, persistence and success of underrepresented minority students is a daily focus across this institution," Ransdell wrote.

"We appreciate the Student Government Association’s interest in these issues, but it’s important to clarify that their resolution is not an official position taken by the University. I have read the SGA resolution, and I understand that their intent was to spark a conversation, but the University will not adopt any such policy. I’ve spent much of the last year engaging in dialogue with black student leaders on campus, which has led to a greater understanding and appreciation of their experiences and priorities. Our goal is to ensure that WKU is both a welcoming place and a place that focuses on persistence and success."

Ransdell said WKU will assist low-income and first generation college students. 

"As we continue to work through elements of the campus diversity plan and on our recruitment and student success initiatives, we will focus on those things that help all students succeed," he wrote. "We will direct resources, energy and effort toward those methods that are responsible, practical and proven to achieve student success, with a particular focus on underrepresented minorities, low-income and first generation college students."

The Daily News also contacted but has not heard back from incoming WKU President Timothy Caboni and Lynne Holland, WKU’s dean of students and chief diversity officer.

The resolution’s authors contend that financial aid isn’t enough to cover the costs of college, that people of color are underrepresented among WKU’s tenured faculty and administrators and that such factors send a “message to students of color that they are undervalued at our university.”

“To their white counterparts, their expectation is that people of color work at the lowest levels of the organizations they lead,” the resolution reads.

The resolution also states that “standardized tests perpetuate and uphold white supremacy.”

“It is clear from research that students and families do not understand what this means, and that the use of test scores in admissions is a defining attribute of the institution and prominent piece of our image,” the resolution reads. “Additionally, the ‘arms race’ for merit aid only bars the low-income and minority students from attending Western Kentucky University.”

As a result, the resolution’s authors demand “full and free” access to WKU for black students.

“We demand reparations for the systemic denial of access to high quality educational opportunities in the form of full and free access for all black people (including undocumented, currently and formerly incarcerated people to Western Kentucky University.)”

SGA President Jay Todd Richey described the resolution as a “conversation starter” in a statement sent via text message.

“Due to discriminatory education, housing and employment policies that have disproportionately held back Black Americans, we believe this resolution is ultimately a conversation starter for discussing how to make college both more affordable and accessible for communities of color and marginalized people in general,” he wrote.

“People can debate the prudence of actually eliminating tuition for all Black students, and it’s extremely unlikely regardless, but the point is to have a real conversation about how we eliminate racial disparities in higher education,” Richey continued. “We need to consider making reparations in the form of more equitable college admissions policies, financial assistance and campus support and resources, and we hope this provocative statement will launch an important dialogue about how to achieve that.”

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Every racist in the city needs to be EXPOSED to the world. Post their private info folks.

Enough Already

Hey whiny a*s communist anarchist, why don't you post your own information?


NO. They voted to have someone else pay "Blacks" tuition. BTW, reparations-- ? What a laugh! Disgusting distortion of historical facts.
The blacks in America were already given reparations that they certainly DID NOT DESERVE. They got the right to be American citizens.
More importantly—“Blacks” whom are actually NEGROES are MORE responsible for slavery than ‘whites’. African Negroes practice slavery on a HUGE scale hundreds of years before any white people had slaves in America. The African slave traders just switched customers for more money.
PROOF? --start here Gates


Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiight! That's really going to happen. Good thing the university administration is under no obligation to obey the crazy whims of the student government.

Arec Bardwin

Apparently the amount of pigment in your skin really really really matters to this university. It obvious that academics don't.


ZERO from me, born and raised in Detroit. I am second generation American so ancestors had nothing to do with slavery..I have seen what the blacks have done to Detroit, they owe to all who lived there when it was a great city (hint, before democrats ran it and blacks were a majority.

Attack Chimp

Will they be using their own money to cover the tuition for the freeloaders or, like true liberals, will they be using other-people's-money (taxpayer's money) to give away more free stuff?

Does a person have to be a moron to join the Dems/Libs in their lunacy or is "totally whacked", ala Maxine Waters, goog enough?


Never knew that college was all-black.

Should've picked our own cotton.


We really should have. (or at least repatriated the former slaves following 1865).


The SGA has been taken over by SJWs. It's disturbing to see such rubbish coming out of my alma mater, which has been a conservative university historically. These people need to read more of the U.S. Constitution and less of "The Communist Manifesto." They also need to hold down a job and get a dose of reality.

vince foster

excellent idea. I move that we immediately seize Andrea Ambam and Brian Anderson's tuition payments and distribute them among the racially less fortunate


Let's see....we already give them admissions preference and a whole host of other freebies and now the libtards in the SGC want to give them free tuition. WOW!!!! Next it will be they don't have to attend class and then soon it will be a free diploma without having to step foot in a classroom.
NEWSFLASH: crazy thinking like this over the last 8 years is what put Trump into office. You libs REALLY need to start learning from your mistakes. Instead you are doubling down on STUPID!!!!!!!!. We conservatives thank you crazy libs EVERY SINGLE DAY for having given us Trump. Glad to see that this SGC is helping create more conservatives with their crazy policies and votes.

Sam D

Reparations for blacks has long been part of the Black Liberation Agenda as well as the Progressives Agenda to keep dividing the population so as to assure their gaining and keeping ultimate control. It's the type of issue that Barack Obama is or surely will be promoting with the full backing of the corrupt George Soros and his organization.


In some future, more enlightened day liberalism will be acknowledged for the extreme form of mental illness that we know it is and will be treated by long term commitment in an asylum, strong electric shock therapy and potent anti-psychotic drugs.

Little Feat

Did the writer/author of story bother to investigate the demographics of the WKU Student Govt. Association? Did the recommendation or resolution come from an outcome based on students of color or minority group majority? That dynamic should have been explored immediately. My guess is that it was a constituency voting to give themselves a salary raise or a tax reduction....assuming the audience here gets my point.


"The resolution calls on WKU to create a task force to 'assess the feasibility of test-optional admissions and geographically-weighted admissions,' citing research showing that using standardized test scores in the college admissions process 'restricts the college opportunities for needy students, helping higher education perpetuate inequality.'”

So in other words, the fact that you are not as well educated for whatever reason means that we must lower testing standards for a certain segment: the poor. Whose fault is that? We give more money to public education and especially inner city schools ever year in our annual budget. EVERY. YEAR. MORE. MONEY. What results?

So what's next? Lowering grade standards for them in college and passing them when other student segments would not have passed? Then what? Forcing companies to hire inferior job applicants who cannot do the job requirement because they were artificially passed in college? When does the stupidity of liberalism stop?


Reminds me of Africa where I worked for a decade, and where most people expect dole-outs or bribes from foreigners and aid organizations. Despite the $$$ being poured into Africa for decadesc by developed countries, I haven't seen any African country headed by black people prosper. It's just sad when majority of people over there don't care for each other; which may also explain why black-on-black crime in the US is high. How long has the US been trying to help their black population? And why are other races, like Asians, who are relatively newcomers to America succeed despite the lack of "freebies" for them?


Such naive thinking - this just perpetuates the sense of entitlement in a particular class of people! Good luck using this as an incentive to improve their lot which is mostly a result of personal responsibility and hardwork. Wonder who will bankroll the "free tuitions" for the privileged blacks? And for how loooooong? This will be a FOREVER problem!


I usually suggest liberals lead by example. If they want 'free' Health Insurance, then I tell them to go to their neighbors house and ask him to pay for it, or vice-versa, offer to pay his. The same goes here. If these children think brown people should have 'free' college, then they need to start working nights and weekends to pool their money and pay for it.



Just wait until white students tuition goes up by 50/60% and watch parents stop paying, students get massive student debt and spend the rest of their lives complaining about how expensive college was. I feel for them in 5 years when they enter the real world.


I don't. You can't fix stupid.


The students that voted for this really stupid thing, they should be the ones to reach into their pockets. Let's see how long they like this idea when it is coming out of their pockets.


dat raysiss.


That this would happen in Kentucky, with the most impoverished counties in the nation almost all of those counties being white is unconscionable. Half of this state is Appalachia. I hope anyone considering endowments takes a good hard look at this prior to giving anything to the university.

Also note that Kentucky fought for the Union and lost many of its sons during the civil war.


So now all they have to do is break open their piggy banks to pay for it.


This is illegal if this school receives any federal dollars. You can't discriminate based on race. They can't say, "This race goes to school for free and all the others pay." No way that is nor should be legal.


Great idea, what are we going to TAX to pay for the freebies. What about a 10% tax on new cars that won't affect the black students who couldn't afford to buy a new car until they finish their free education. I think this should be extended to illegals and members of the LDGTBIPAGFGQA+ group also.

Kim Chul Soo

This is the most stupid thing I have seen this year. Further proof that millenials are stone losers.


"If you're 20 and not a liberal, you have no heart. If you're 40 and not a conservative, you have no BRAIN." - Unattributed


I'm white and the Federal Government discriminated against me. As I was finishing Junior College the Civil Rights Act was taking effect. The discrimination was giving minorities preferential treatment for any and all courses of study. Unfortunately this extended to the 1.0 program. The 1.0 program was for minorities so they could get a high school diploma without turning in any homework or taking any test. All they had to do was attend 75% of the classes. They got passed from grade to grade and got a high school diploma. The Civil Rights Act extended the 1.0 program to medical, dental, Law school and any other course of study. They still didn't have to do homework, take tests but again they had to attend 75% of their classes to get passed along with a complimentary 1.0/D-. They filled 20 to 50% of the slots in the colleges taking priority over non minority students with 5.0/A+ averages. I had a 3.9 average and was excluded by the 1.0 Civil Rights Act.
I would have become a doctor like my father which over the last 40 years would have made a great difference in my income, standard of living and peace of mind.
About 10 years after its inception the 1.0 programs were dropped because a student took his case all the way to the SCOTUS and they ruled the 1.0 program was reverse discrimination and USC David had to admit him into their medical school. I want reparations!!!!!


They couldn't leave well enough alone. Looks like integration has failed. Can't we just go back to "separate but equal"? After all, that's what blacks really want anyway. Keep the whites out, right?


RACISM pure and simple. You are not making things better by treated a group of people different than another group. All this does is promote Racism

Comm Enter

This is racial discrimination. Those individuals discriminated against by this action will get free tuition also. Or is Western Kentucky Universityjust hard core racists?


I'll bet the student council didn't vote to add the black students' tuition to their own student loans. Someone has to pay for it, so the ones who want it should foot the bill.


That's because libtards don't see the error of their ways until it hits THEM in the pocketbook or somehow otherwise directly affects them. An example:

Daughter comes home from college where she has been converted to full libtard by libtard professors and the father asks how her grades were. She replied "straight A's, a 4.0". He then asked how her friend, Carols, grades were and the daughter said "Carol has a 2.0". The father then suggested that in the spirit of being liberal she go to the dean and ask him to take one of her 4.0 grade points and give it to Carol, thus giving them both a 3.0 average. The daughter then replied "what do you think I am, stupid.....I worked my a$s off for that 4.0 and if Carol wants a 3.0 she needs to work harder to raise here 2.0 to a 3.0". The father paused for a moment, smiled, looked at his daughter and said "welcome to the conservative party".....


This makes sense to me since - that's the value of the education these dopes will receive with courses in african studies, black history and other 3rd Grade mumbo jumbo courses. And while they're at "school" they'll have less time for flash robbing store and other mischief.


These two student leaders didn't volunteer to pay Black students' tuition and books themselves, .. they volunteered others to pay for it. The NY Times, which is a very liberal paper, ran a famous article that posted the results of s scientific study which showed conservatives give far more to charities and they volunteer far more work to charities than Liberals. Another Pew Study recently showed Liberals are far more intolerant than conservatives. So, aren't these student leaders telling others to do as they say, and not as they do, in a very intolerant manner?


What's troubling is they don't realize not everyone is "college" material, and by that I mean, if someone is rich or poor, and at the same time doesn't get good grades, they will barely make the grade in college where the workload is larger and more demanding.


Reminds me of that scene in The Blues Brothers. You pay is $200 but you boys drank $300 worth of beer.
At this point, after all that has already been done, who owes who?


"Free" is a nebulous concept to folks who've been given or who've borrowed all they have so far. Maybe if someone tells them this "free" tuition will raise their tuition they'll understand. Probably not.


Just tell all the non-black students that they will double their tuition to pay for their entitlement program.

Mike Wro

Idiots, If you want to pay for some one else's tuition, rent or bills THEN DO SO WITH MONEY YOU HAVE EARNED

Ed Cole

What a perfect illustration of the pervasive white privilege brainwashing dominating University culture. The perverse part is that these SJWs are so utterly propagandized that they're unable to see the inherent racism in their resolution. The implication of the resolution is that black people can't possibly compete on a level (standardized) academic playing field, so they need to be "spotted" some free points in order to get into the same school as students of other races. As for tuition, the implication is, "swallow your self-respect, and take this basically welfare handout free tuition, because we know you'll never make enough money to repay a student loan like all the students of other races."

Here's a novel idea: Treat everyone the same; hold everyone to the same academic standards and financial responsibility. In the real (post-college) world, employers aren't going to cut you any extra breaks on the quality of your job performance just because you're black (or any other race). In the real world, the local car dealer isn't going to give you a free car just because you're black. You're going to have to buy it, just like any other customer; and unless you pay cash for that car, you're going to have to credit-qualify for a loan and a certain APR based on your existing performance as a trustworthy debtor.

The only examples I see of "white privilege" are from the SJWs themselves, and those exploiting them, who perpetuate the race/class divide with these actions that only continue to isolate and stigmatize black people as needing special treatment in order to achieve the same goals everyone else.


What will the students who voted for this do when their tuition quadruples, their parents refuse to or won't be able to pay for the increased tuition, and other colleges won't accept them as transfer students because they will be considered "damaged goods"? They will be seen as seriously "common sense compromised" and unfit to enter the job marketplace after graduation from any college..


So since they receive Federal $$$ from the few that actually pay Federal income tax, it would actually be discrimination and shot down quickly in court. So free food, free housing, free cell phones, free medical, and now free tuition . Liberals are so funny and oblivious


"The resolution also states that “standardized tests perpetuate and uphold white supremacy.”

Apparently, the dummies at this institution are unaware of high Asians score on standardized tests.


Exactly should testing be proof of Asian supremacy.




There have been a number of academic studies that show that of all ethnic groups, Black students spend the least amount of time studying and the most time watching TV. Meanwhile, Asian students spend the most time studying and the least amount of time watching TV. It is clear that Black students would score better on standardized tests as well as generally improving their overall academic readiness for college if they merely changed their personal behavior and focused more on academics. But why change if you can blame society and be handed things for free?


Western Kentucky Univ. Student Gov't Assoc. is run by socialists and communists (a/k/a Democrats) who attack the rights of others by trying to force them to handover their property to others (a/k/a armed robbery). This is consistent with the fact that Democrats commit nearly all crime and run government like organized criminals.


COMPLETE idiots.


You probably don't want to hire anyone from that university


While there at it, they should vote to receive 100 lashings for being white as well.


If some students are granted free tuition strictly on the basis of their race doesn't that actually promote racial inequality?


Free? Nothing is free. Are they expecting the white students to pay for it?

Dan Granger

A form of 'Reparations' has been going on for many years:

"Here are the facts on welfare: Recipients of Aid to Families and Dependent children are 38% black and 31 percent white, while whites are 70% of the population and blacks only 12 percent. In one year alone (1990) blacks received $88 billion in welfare, while blacks paid only $13 billion in taxes to foot this bill. In short, blacks received a net of $75 billion in transfer payments in one year alone."

"This given the fact that Whites out number Blacks by a six-to-one ratio in the overall population. In short the monetary equivalent of a Marshall Plan is being transferred from White pockets to Black pockets every three years." -David Horowitz

When I think of "White Privilege", I think of all those many "Privileged" white casualties who's names make up the vast and overwhelming majority of the dead listed on all our War Memorials, from the Revolution through Vietnam and beyond. As were the vast majority of grievously wounded and crippled, both physically and mentally, fighting for our freedoms or the freedom of others.

And then I think of the Liberals at schools of higher learning and the makers of propaganda in Hollywood, who exploit those sacrifices for our hard earned freedoms, by brainwashing our youth with anti-white, anti-American Leftist Ideology. They spit on all these Patriots' graves by teaching their white descendants to hate themselves.

'White privilege didn't give us any advantage over others, white achievement did. And that's the part that drives them to madness.'


when does this BS stop.


JUST WONDERING???? How many, if any, of these most "generous" students who voted for this are ACTUALLY PAYING their own tuition with their own money or money borrowed from the government and/or receiving a full scholarship???? Higher education in American today is teaching and breeding "collectivism", historical "revisionism", and leftist values that incite anarchy......


I grew up as a poor white male. I got not favors or special assistance. I worked by cleaning yards, scraping and painting houses. I spent summers cutting tobacco on farms. I was on athletic scholarship and working two jobs all at the same time to get a college degree. I was passed up for grants and promotions simply because I was white. I was given instructions to hire and promote based upon race and not promote more talented white males. I am now in my mid 60's and this has been going on for a generation. To make all these absurd comments about privileged whites is ridiculous. Poor is poor and it's difficult to get past it regardless of color. The only solution is to work hard and do the right thing. Stop making excuses and blaming others for failures. Stop all this damn political correctness! This is only creating more division in our country.


Why bother with school fees, attendance, grades, graduation costs, just give them the diploma no strings attached.


Assuming that minorities will score low on standardized tests sounds racist to me.

Enough Already

" test-optional admissions and geographically-weighted admissions”
Perhaps we can provide forced bussing to Harvard and Yale also. So called higher education in our country has become one of pandering to people who have political leanings sympathetic to the bias that universities nurture. They continue to turn out more clones of themselves, socialist and communist agitators. This "resolution" has all the earmarks of far left politics promoted by university professors that have "educated" the next generation on the "virtues" of socialism and communism. They portend to assuage imaginary guilt by throwing money at an imaginary problem paid for by the taxpayers, in the form of free tuition or some other monetary substitute. No one is entitled to anything in this country except the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, anything else is up to you, including improving your lot in life. If you have no motivation to overcome what you have been born into, it is not the responsibility of society to give you a free ride or pseudo-credentials to make you "feel" like you have achieved something or are something you are not. If you have not earned it you are not entitled to it. WKU is diving head first into the rabbit hole along with other prominent universities all because the majority of our professors are socialists and communists.


I find this resolution from the board to be a slap in the face to other Americans living in poverty. Poverty knows no color of skin or race. How many students are at WKU from Appalachia? Frankly im ashamed to be an alumni.


well, obviously they cannot do any better..just give them a diploma, any diploma and be done with it.

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