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This is disgusting, you should be ashamed! Shut them DOWN and FINE them!!! then put a few of these monsters in JAIL for a few years!


I tried to work with the shelter 2-3 yrs ago as a dog trainer. I offered to take a dog through an obedience class I was running at the park and offered to have a graduation night that would feature the shelter and offer dogs for adoption. I picked out a nice Lab. She was stubborn on the leash to start, but after 15 minutes, she was doing good. I went back the next week to take her to the class again, and she was gone. NO one called me. I chose another dog to take to the class. I went back the next week, the dog was gone. Again, no one called me. I was done. They had both of my phone numbers. I had voice mail, and someone was always around to answer the other number, and no one bothered to call me to let me know the dogs had been adopted. The Lab went to the local Fire Department. They took her to a groomer that was in my class who recognized the dog. THAT is how I found out she was adopted. I offered 6 weeks of free obedience training to anyone who adopted a dog at the shelter. That information was never passed on to anyone looking at dogs. I know this for a fact.
When I was there, the inside runs had 4 dogs in a 4X4 area. The outside of the runs had dogs also, but I don't know how many. There was a dog tied outside that had sores on his neck because the collar was too tight. I pointed it out, and it WAS taken care of, but why did a stranger to the place have to point it out to them?? Dogs are fed and watered daily,, and no one saw that the dog's neck was raw?
I have run an animal shelter, and I did have to euthanize. Its not something anyone wants to do, but leaving a dog in an enclosed space for years is more cruel than giving him a quick and quiet release. Being a no kill shelter, and being over crowded means that you have to turn animals away and force people to abandon their animals instead of putting them somewhere that they might have a chance. There is no place to take unwanted cats here in the county, because if you call the shelter, they will tell you they won't accept them. Therefore, cats are abandoned. I know this because I am feeding a passel of them right now that were just left behind. They had no place to go. Isn't that what an animal shelter is for??


I would fire Kathy Maddox and every employee that works there immediately and hire someone who actually cares for the animals

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