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“If you see intolerance and hate, speak out against them . . . Make your individual voices heard, not for selfish things, but for honor and decency among men, for the rights of all people. Remember, too, that no American can afford to be disinterested in any part of his Government whether it is county, city, state or nation … ”


It is egregious to me that this man's murderer is not in custody.


How is Mr Brown not in jail??? The man broke several laws even without counting murder yet he is on paid vacation in the comfort of his own home. I'm trying to reserve judgment until all the facts come out but this has looked fishy, at best, since this tragedy happened.

Who here thinks anyone else (without some kind of a badge) would be afforded these same luxuries in a similar circumstance?


Anyone with the amount of rage demonstrated by Thomas Brown , that thinks he can take his rage out on citizens by shooting them through their car windows, needs to be taken off the streets..

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