Warren County Public Schools has installed 10 new self-driving Nilfisk Liberty SC50 Autonomous Scrubbers purchased from Consolidated Paper Group of Bowling Green that can operate on their own, cleaning floors of district schools.

The machines, which can clean up to 50,000 feet in two and a half hours along a mapped-out programmed course through the schools, are the first third-party, safety-certified autonomous scrubbers of their kind installed in a school system in both Kentucky and Tennessee, according to WCPS Facilities Director Mike Wilson. 

The scrubbers were purchased to fill the need of unfilled custodial positions, as well as to help currently-employed custodians work more efficiently. "It's not taking someone's job away," Wilson said, "it's filling a position that has been empty and been empty for quite some time."

Using sensors surrounding the machine, the scrubber can divert obstacles or pause its route until the obstruction has been cleared. "The safety system and the autonomous system are separate," Kyle White of Consolidated Paper Group said. "The safety system can override the autonomous system, so there's really no danger."