The doors have reopened at the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center in Glasgow – the museum full of cultural artifacts and exhibits as well as a genealogy library encompassing Barren, Allen, Hart, Metcalfe and Monroe counties.

The center closed for almost three months because of the coronavirus pandemic but reopened last week – albeit with some changes to adhere to social distancing policies.

“There are still over 50 exhibits to be seen here,” Center Director Sherry Wesley said. “It’s just there are limitations.”

Wesley said the changes include placing arrows on the floor to direct people through the museum and requiring masks for visitors.

Bathrooms are closed, and most of the books usually placed with exhibits to explain the importance of the artifacts have been removed for safety reasons. Hand sanitizing is required, and the research room is not open to the general public. The only way to get those materials is with assistance.

Wesley said the museum’s kids corner is also closed for now.

There is no specific capacity limit, but Wesley said the center is playing it by ear as far as numbers.

Wesley said the closure has had other impacts, including that the museum’s third-floor expansion pretty much came to a halt in March.

The construction part was essentially finished, Wesley said, but several things still need of finishing touches.

Wesley said artifacts have started to be moved into several of the exhibit spaces with the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts exhibit and the 1960s bedroom and bath exhibit and tobacco shop well under way.

“I think originally we had hoped to open part of it this fall, but losing that time to work on it I believe we will be into next year possibly before we can begin to open part of it,” Wesley said. “I have no way of knowing what the future holds. It has considerably slowed things down.”

Despite the setbacks on construction and the current limitations, Wesley said the staff is happy to be able to serve the community again.

“We are glad to be open now,” Wesley said. “We will just be happier when we don’t have to wear masks and take all these extra precautions.”

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