Friends of a Bowling Green man who remains in critical condition after being shot by an off-duty court security officer Tuesday are planning a justice march and prayer vigil today in his honor.

Brandon Bradshaw, 27, youth theater educator at Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center and a former Warren County constable, remains hospitalized at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville after suffering three gunshot wounds Tuesday.

Off-duty Warren County Sheriff’s Office court security officer Thomas Brown, 52, shot Bradshaw in the parking lot of Michelle’s Consignment Boutique, 1135 U.S. 31-W By-Pass. Brown is not charged with any crime related to the shooting.

Bradshaw’s friends have taken to Facebook to plan a Justice for Brandon Bradshaw march beginning about 5:30 p.m. today. They will start in the parking lot of Michelle’s Consignment and end at Circus Square Park, where a prayer vigil will begin at 7 p.m. Bradshaw’s friends gathered Friday night at SKyPAC to make red, white and blue ribbons – honoring his military service – to wear in today’s march. Bradshaw has impacted the lives of many with his love for theater.

A group of about eight friends and acquaintances of Bradshaw sorted the tri-colored ribbons and made posters advocating justice for him.

“Brandon doesn’t have a voice right now,” said Misty Adamson of Bowling Green, who went to high school with Bradshaw. “He’s still alive, but he can’t respond, so we’ll respond for him.”

The shooting stunned hundreds of people who know both men and stirred a public outcry for information from Kentucky State Police, which is conducting the investigation but remain tightlipped about what led to the shooting.

“They should share more with us,” Bradshaw’s friend Sarah Cowles of Bowling Green said. “We want to know why. The community is hurting. The community is outraged.

“Everybody is upset about the vagueness about what is being released to news outlets,” Cowles said. “Brandon is fighting for his life. That man (Brown) should not be sitting at home.”

Brown’s attorney, Alan Simpson, said Brown fired in self-defense. Police will not confirm or deny that claim.

State police have not released a timetable for when information about the case will become public.

“The supervisors, detectives and troopers working on this investigation are methodically progressing through the investigative steps, as with any investigation,” KSP Post 3 spokesman Trooper Jonathan Biven said. “Once we have gathered the facts, we will present the investigation to the Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Cohron. Until such time, we respectfully decline to make a statement on the current status of the investigation, witness statements or developments. I hope you understand our intent is to protect the integrity of the investigation until such time that it can be delivered to the commonwealth’s Attorney.”

As of 11 a.m. Friday, Bradshaw remained in critical condition at Vanderbilt, Biven said.

Bradshaw and Brown are both well-known and well-liked in the community. Bradshaw’s friends want answers from police.

“I think it’s taken them a long time to develop some facts in their favor,” Adamson said. “It’s not fair. We want KSP to stop protecting (Brown). This is a poor reflection of the good cops that we do have in our town.”

The march and vigil that Adamson and Cowles are participating in are intended to give a voice to Bradshaw, who is unable to speak for himself, Adamson said.

People who intend to march and attend the vigil are advised to dress for the weather and bring candles and posters expressing how they feel, Adamson said.

“Use your feelings,” Adamson said about what the messages on the signs should be. “I want to encourage people to have a voice when they come.”

The march itself is intended to promote peace and demand justice – it’s not organized to promote violence, she said.

“We are here to make sure that Brandon’s voice is heard,” Adamson said.


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What type of threat could Brandon Bradshaw had been while sitting in his truck? Brown claimed self-defense. WHAT SELF DEFENSE?!??! FROM WHO?!?!? Maybe the voices in his head. Thomas brown gets PAID VACATION because he is a "court-officer" and knows a few people? People, I urge you all to write to FOX NEWS and go NATIONAL with this, otherwise it will eventually be swept under the rug. The KY State Police haven't made ANY statement in days and with the witness statements they obviously do not care because Thomas Brown should be in a jail cell awaiting trial. Please contact FOX NEWS and call, email, tweet, FB, etc...


Brown should be setting in jail right now.if it was me or any one who does not have a badge thats were we would be.i hope he goes to jail 4 a long time. he took some ones dad away and some ones son.he should pay.


Regardless of whether Brown shot in self-defense, he knew (or should have known) that his badge gave him absolutely no authority as an officer of the law outside of the courtroom. Flashing his badge as if that gave him some "right" to do what he did was, in my mind, impersonating an officer. At the very least, he should be in custody for that.


I dont know either one of these involved, but from what I have read and the pictures I have seen I dont see how they can call this self defense, but please don't rush KSP with the investigation. If it was a unjustified shooting, let them build the evidence to put him away. Too many cases are pushed to fast and they lose the case in court. Also on the same token if Brandon looks like the bad guy in the case, he nor his family need that right now. Who ever is allowed to visit Brandon just talk to him constantly, tell him to fight, give him love, use what ever he loved the most to encourage him. If he gets adgitated with anything get away from that subject. My heart goes out to Brandon and his family and prayers too


Justice can't be rushed. It will be a long road to final justice. Investigate, charge (or not) trial (or not) convict (or not) sentence (or not) appeal (or not) and even then justice may not be served depending on what facts one chooses to believe.


This is a tragic situation all around - for both Brown and Bradshaw, however, a march to "demand justice" at this stage of the investigation is a bit premature. First let the KSP complete their investigation and present details of the case. There are two sides to the story but many people are making sweeping assumptions and spreading rumors when the facts are not yet known.

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