The Reverend says not guilty in roommate death

The Reverend

SCOTTSVILLE — A Scottsville man who legally changed his name to The Reverend, appeared in court Tuesday for the first time since being indicted on a charge of murder.

Formerly known as Robert Allen Reynolds, the 36-year-old man pleaded not guilty to the charge in Allen Circuit Court.

Special Judge Steve Wilson presided over The Reverend's arraignment and appointed Patrick Roemer of the Department of Public Advocacy to represent him.

Asked by Wilson, The Reverend stated he could not afford an attorney and received disability benefits. 

When the judge asked what The Reverend's occupation was, he stated he was a reverend.

Police arrested The Reverend on Feb. 25 at Scottsville Manor assisted living facility, where he is accused of fatally stabbing his roommate, Gary Glueck, 71, of Scottsville.

According to court records, The Reverend told police that he stabbed Glueck and wrapped an electrical cord around his neck, and claimed that Glueck had "put up a fight."

Detective John Rose of the Scottsville Police Department stated in an affidavit for a search warrant that The Reverend had expressed admiration for notorious convict Charles Manson in the aftermath of the slaying.

The Reverend made his first appearance on the murder charge in March before Allen District Judge Martha Harrison. At that hearing, The Reverend said he wanted to make a statement, but did not after Harrison advised him not to speak without an attorney present.

He was later evaluated by the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center, which typically assesses the mental health of criminal suspects in custody when questions arise about a suspect's competency to stand trial.

An Allen County grand jury indicted The Reverend in September, and Allen Circuit Judge Janet Crocker recused herself from the case due to a conflict of interest, leading to Wilson's appointment as a special judge.

The Reverend is set to return to court Jan. 17 for a status conference in his case.

Prior to his arrest, The Reverend maintained several social media profile pages online and made references in a number of posts to Satanism and a self-created faith he termed Reynoldsianism.

"I'm schizophrenic and there's no cure," a post from two months before his arrest on one of a number of Facebook sites linked to The Reverend states. "Everyday folks here at (Scottsville Manor) have to do everything for me, but I need it."

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