A woman on a date with someone she met on the Tinder app had her purse and phone swiped right from her, and police arrested the Tinder match and two other people on robbery charges.

The incident occurred shortly after noon Thursday at Lampkin Park on Morgantown Road.

A witness contacted the Bowling Green Police Department to report the robbery.

City police spoke with a woman who said she found Kenan Husic on Tinder and agreed to meet him in person for a date. They met at the park, where Husic got into her car to talk.

Within moments, another vehicle pulled up behind the woman’s car, two people approached her vehicle and one tapped on her window with a gun.

When the woman opened the door, the man who tapped on her window stole her purse and phone, and a second person took Husic’s phone, according to arrest citations.

“(The woman) stated she began to struggle over her purse with the first subject, ultimately being knocked to the ground,” BGPD Detective Alex Wright said in an arrest citation. “(The woman) believed she was struck in the head with the handgun.”

A witness gave police a license plate number for the vehicle suspected of being involved in the robbery.

Husic stayed with the woman a short time before telling her he would drive to his brother’s house to get a phone to call police, according to police records.

The woman was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Police found the suspect’s vehicle near Russell Sims Aquatic Center, and an officer saw a handgun and purse in the car.

The vehicle was impounded and a search warrant obtained, and police learned that the weapon was a pellet gun and the purse belonged to the woman.

On Thursday night, a 17-year-old juvenile came to BGPD headquarters with his parents and admitted he drove the vehicle involved in the robbery.

“(The juvenile) stated Kenan Husic had set up the robbery by meeting (the female) on Tinder,” Wright said in the citation. “(The juvenile) stated Husic planned to act like he was also a victim.”

The juvenile identified Admir Becirovic 18, of Bowling Green, as his passenger, and went on to deny pistol-whipping the woman, telling police her injury came from falling to the ground while struggling during the incident.

Becirovic confessed to his involvement when confronted by police, according to his arrest citation.

Police found Husic, 21, at his Bowling Green residence.

Husic at first maintained he was a robbery victim but eventually admitted that he “pretty much knew” that Becirovic and the juvenile were going to rob the woman due to her being an easy target, police records show.

“Husic did not think they were going to (commit the robbery) while he was still in the vehicle but nonetheless knew of the ultimate goal of taking property from (the woman),” Wright said in Husic’s arrest citation.

A set of keys and a clutch purse belonging to the woman were found in Husic’s truck, according to police records.

Husic also told police there had been correspondence with Becirovic and the juvenile about the robbery and admitted to blocking Becirovic and the juvenile on Snapchat, thereby deleting correspondence with them.

Becirovic and the juvenile were charged with first-degree robbery. Hucic was charged with first-degree robbery by complicity and tampering with physical evidence.

– Follow courts reporter Justin Story on Twitter @jstorydailynews or visit bgdailynews.com.


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Daily News “her purse was swiped right from her” you’re better than that.

Absolutely Positively

Thank you Martha Deputy!!! Diversity is our strength!


How do you know they weren’t born here? Given their ages, they were probably born here, educated here, and participated in our culture here. I am saddened that anyone would prey on someone else, have no regard for another human being, thought robbing and harming someone was ok. Immigration is not their issue. Criminal mentality is.

Absolutely Positively

I don't doubt they were born here. Born to immigrants who likely made as little effort as possible to adapt to our culture and don't like it here.

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