SCOTTSVILLE – With the trial of Timothy Madden a month away, attorneys on both sides indicated they anticipate being ready to proceed on the scheduled date.

Madden is accused of murder, kidnapping, first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy in the Nov. 14, 2015, death of 7-year-old Gabriella “Gabbi” Doolin.

Madden, 42, of Scottsville, faces the death penalty if convicted as charged.

At a pretrial conference Wednesday in Allen Circuit Court, Madden’s attorney, Tom Griffiths of the state Department of Public Advocacy, said he has been informed by his retained expert witnesses that DNA testing of certain evidence and a psychological evaluation of Madden have been completed.

Griffiths said he is awaiting the results of both analyses and expects to receive the results through the mail in the near future.

Madden’s trial is scheduled to start Sept. 4 in Hardin County, where it was moved because of pretrial publicity and other factors.

In court Wednesday, Allen Circuit Judge Janet Crocker said 146 Hardin County residents have been summoned as potential jurors for this case.

Jury selection will entail individual questioning of each juror to determine whether they are able to consider the death penalty as a possible punishment.

Allen County Commonwealth’s Attorney Corey Morgan said he believed the jury pool was large enough to empanel a jury of 14 people, including two alternate jurors.

After the hearing, Morgan said he anticipated jury selection would take about a week.

“The judge has been steadfast on making sure that we are going to trial on Sept. 4,” Morgan said.

Griffiths said he felt he would be ready to proceed to trial on schedule and believed the jury pool would be sufficient to find a jury.

“It would depend a lot on the reach of the publicity up there,” Griffiths said, referring to Hardin County.

Pretrial conferences have been scheduled for Aug. 24 in Allen County and Aug. 30 in Hardin County.

Gabbi’s body was found in a wooded area near Allen County-Scottsville High School, where a youth league football game was taking place on the night of the incident.

Authorities allege that results of preliminary DNA testing linked Madden to the crimes.

He is being held in Christian County Detention Center.

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