On Monday, three Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corp. crews left Kentucky bound for Beauregard Electric Cooperative in DeRidder, La.

The crews will help repair damage and restore power in areas hit by Hurricane Delta.

WRECC joins other Kentucky electric cooperatives heading to Louisiana. A news release said at least 70 electric co-op employees from Kentucky are joining power restoration efforts after Hurricane Delta brought more damage to areas hit by Hurricane Laura in August.

WRECC Director of Communications and Public Relations Kim Phelps said six of those 70 volunteers are part of the WRECC’s three crews.

The first priority of WRECC is to ensure members have safe, reliable power.

WRECC still has ample crews available for all local needs, including routine maintenance and emergencies, she said.

“Mutual aid among cooperatives is an important part of our business model,” WRECC President and CEO Dewayne McDonald said in a press release. “We are proud of our employees who are willing and eager to help in times of need and we wish them the best as they leave their homes and head into a major storm.”

Phelps said all of Beauregard co-op’s 42,648 consumer-members lost power – an event seen for only the third time in its 80-year history, including Hurricane Rita in 2005, Hurricane Laura six weeks ago and now Hurricane Delta.

“All of our guys have great hearts for service,” Phelps said. “They always manage to volunteer and are always willing to do what is necessary. We never have a shortage of volunteers for situations like this.”

During their time providing aid, WRECC’s volunteers will mostly be focusing on rewiring power lines that have fallen and replanting poles that have been knocked over.

WRECC crews will remain in Louisiana as long as they are needed, with relief crews available if necessary.

– Follow reporter John Reecer on Twitter @JReecerBGDN or visit bgdailynews.com.

– Follow reporter John Reecer on Twitter @JReecerBGDN or visit bgdailynews.com.

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