Capping off his district’s first week of in-person classes Friday, Superintendent Rob Clayton of Warren County Public Schools announced his district is aware of nine coronavirus cases among its students.

Clayton notified parents in a message posted Friday evening on the district’s website.

“Of these nine students, eight of them were diagnosed prior to the start of school and were not in attendance this week,” Clayton said in a message on the district’s website Friday evening.

Clayton said his district would take several steps to notify families of COVID-19 cases in schools, including schoolwide emails and text messages and phone calls to families with students who’ve come into close contact with positive cases.

Clayton also announced a new COVID-19 dashboard the district is piloting that will be updated every Friday.

“The purpose of our dashboard is to inform our community of student cases that could be spread within our schools and impact our students as opposed to tracking the total cases of school-aged students in our community,” he said.

Clayton’s announcement Friday came one day after Gov. Andy Beshear reported 11 new coronavirus cases among high school-age children in Warren County.

In making the announcement Thursday, Beshear did not name a specific school or district in Warren County or even if the high school-aged children are currently enrolled in school.

“Eleven high school-aged kids in Warren County today, some of them are 18 so I guess they could be college students, too, but if they’re high school students, 11 kids in one county alone. Again, I hope that contact tracing is going fast because that school system is open right now,” Beshear said.

Also Thursday, Beshear described a rapid uptick in the number of school-age children in Warren County who had tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous four days but did not offer details.

“This would make about 36 kids between 6 and 18 (years old) just in one county over four, five days. It’s a real concern and my heart goes out to that county and what they are still dealing with,” Beshear said.

In a statement to the Daily News on Friday, before Clayton announced his district’s case update, Barren River District Health Department Director Matt Hunt said:

“The Barren River District Health Department provides data to the Kentucky Department for Public Health for cases occurring in Daycare or Childcare facilities, Pre-Kindergarten-12th grade schools, and Post-Secondary institutions as required by the Kentucky Department for Public Health. The Kentucky Department for Public Health maintains the data for the aforementioned categories.”

The local health department refused to name which schools or districts the cases were associated with.

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