Whitney Westerfield

Name: Whitney Westerfield

Office sought: Attorney general

Age: 34

Occupation: Attorney

Resident of: Hopkinsville (Christian County)

Social media (Facebook, Twitter): @kywhitney on Twitter and www.facebook.com/kywhw on Facebook

Party affiliation: Republican

Previous elected positions: State senator

What would be your top policy priority if elected?

My top priority will be protecting Kentucky from threats both within and outside the state. This ranges from continuing to fight the drug problem and increasing efforts against cybercrime, to standing up for state and individual rights against an overreaching federal government. As a former prosecutor and new father, my priority will always be making Kentucky a safer place for all our families.

What experiences qualify you to serve as attorney general?

I am uniquely experienced having served as a both frontline prosecutor and as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I have a record of working with members of both political parties to shape statewide policy on issues such as Kentucky’s juvenile code, heroin and dating violence. I have the experience and record of hard work, integrity and leadership Kentuckians need in the position of attorney general.

What do you think of current Attorney General Jack Conway's decision not to defend Kentucky's ban on gay marriage? What would you do in a similar situation?

I strongly disagree with Attorney General Conway's decision not to defend Kentucky's ban on gay marriage, which was adopted by constitutional amendment in 2004. The defense of Kentucky's Constitution is a fundamental part of the attorney general's job. I personally support our constitutional amendment defining marriage, but even if I disagreed with the law, I would not pick and choose when to uphold my oath of office based upon politics.

How will you work to protect Kentucky consumers as attorney general?

I would work to protect Kentucky consumers through both education and enforcement. For example, cybercrime and identity theft will only rise with the proliferation of Internet-connected devices in our lives. The attorney general must be at the forefront of investigating, prosecuting and shaping policy to keep up with technological advances. I also won't hesitate to go to court against bad actors when legal intervention is needed to protect Kentucky families.

How will you address drug abuse issues in Kentucky if elected?

As I've done as a legislator, I will continue to monitor threats such as heroin, prescription pills, methamphetamine and synthetic drugs. I would be sure to keep Kentucky’s prosecutors well-trained on new and developing substance abuse threats. I would also partner with law enforcement to stop trafficking and personally engage with the legislature to shape necessary policy to empower prosecutors and law enforcement to keep our communities safe.


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