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They Call Me Bad News

Pls330:Bachert said during the meeting that taxpayers in the county and city so far have seen no loss because of the project to this point. He said if the agreement works out as planned, there would be not loss to taxpayers

"Any and all of the costs here would be consumed by the refunding bonds when those are issued and would ultimately be paid by ... the new developer and not by the taxpayers," he said.

District 1 Magistrate Doug Gorman, who also serves as chairman of the authority, said after the meeting that the top objective in negotiations has been to "right the ship and protect the taxpayers."


I would first just like to say Thank You! to Katie Brandenburg for her diligence in reporting this complicated story.

Secondly, is it not a conflict of interest for a person to simultaneously serve as a County Magistrate and Chairman of the Downtown Economic Development Authority? As referenced in this story, Doug Gorman is both 1st District County Magistrate and Chairman of the Authority. As a magistrate, doesn't he vote on matters that affect the DEDA??

Third - County / City funding / subsidies should never be used for commercial enterprises. Why in the world should taxpayers be backing the starting up of restaurants??


Seems to be the best deal possible considering the situation. Great work by everyone. Hope Mariah's and 6-4-3 can open soon and people can get back to work!

Play Ball!


So are we getting stuck paying twice and the Mills family skates

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