Bowling Green – Elizabeth “Betsy” White was born in Kentucky and spent most of her life there. She was a revered English teacher for over thirty years in Elkton, Kentucky and loved, and was loved by, her students and fellow teachers. She was talented in a profusion of arts. Betsy was also immensely altruistic and helped a plethora of people, including adopting two older children out of foster care. She had numerous “other children,” including foster kids, foreign exchange students, and countless others who needed a home. She is survived by her husband, James H. White, her son, Lowell White, her daughter, Lana K. W. Austin, her foster daughter, Sandy Claxton, her Swedish son, Hakan Andersson, her sister, Pat Kaim, as well as her grandchildren Anna, Alexandra, Michael, James, Kate-Elizabeth and Thomas, and multiple cousins.