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The major issues I had is that mayor Wilkerson slandered "a business person" in a public meeting and said nothing to substantiate his comments. He just took a shot at Rick when he couldn't defend himself. The other issue is the Daily News sensationalizing the headline last week when nowhere in the article did the Mills "blame Kelley". Newspaper business must be down when they have to make up headlines to draw readers.


He may have had a positive impact in other projects and events here in town, but if he had a major role in the development of the Hitcents Plaza and its subsequent failure, that can't really be ignored. Of course, bad business decisions do not automatically make someone a horrible person, but they may be subject to criticism for those decisions. Furthermore, if funds were used inappropriately, as some people have alleged, then that is worth investigating no matter who was involved and how great they've been to the community in the past.


If you truly want to show that he is "a man with integrity and honesty that Bowling Green should be proud to have in its community," then I'd like to see some sort of full accounting of his entire relationship with the TIF, including:

1. The Industrial Revenue Bond operating agreement, how it affected him, and any role he played in it's execution, revision, writing, and such.

2. What the details of the consultation and restaurants and maybe employment with the restaurants in the TIF Wrap, if he was financially compensated for that, and if so, how much, and where the money came from.


I would not go as far to say the TIF was a good thing. When the ballpark was in the planning phase we were told no public money or backing would be needed. Then it went to city backed bonds. If Mr. Kelley was not a representative of the county, city, or the Mills family then why was he even involved in sending any emails.

They Call Me Bad News

That's a nice little bio. Unfortunately he has what appears to be a significant role in the problems with the wrap and we aren't going to look the other way because he's a nice guy. Don't get upset because his actions are worthy of review and, if required, further scrutiny.

And why is she gushing over his record of working with the public, only to follow it up with this "he's a private citizen, leave him alone" crap?


Rick has been such an asset to BG/WC - worked with him on many downtown projects and he always treated everyone with respect and you felt like you were are part of the project. Nice guys, family many and please do not let him be the scapegoat on the City and County projects.... He does not deserve that kind of criticism or blame.... Thank him for all he had, and not blame him for something that others have done and need a scapegoat.

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