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Dear Mr. Russell,

Got it. The same line that no one else in the universe works harder than teachers. Gee, I know thousands of people that have never worked a 40 hour week or less and were salaried but also had performance bonuses if things were productive and efficient. The same old cry story. You want the guaranteed pension from us the tax payers that as it is, would never be invited into your schools to observe and critic the classroom teaching. Pensions were done away with years ago due to excessive abuse and compensation. It so upsetting to think you would have to live with a matching 401K up to 7% or such, thinking we should pay your entire existence.The only sympathy I give you is that expecting equal outcomes for students is foolishness and that a teacher cant make that happen by overriding inherent ignorance in the student, their families, and the culture we live in. Yes, a teacher should be able to raise the level of learning per student, but expecting equal outcomes is nonsense. And finally, the idea that all teachers are efficient, knowledgeable, effective, and productive is B.S. Most teachers seem to be more union members than they are teachers. Living in your protected little world where outside critics are not welcome.

Enough Already

"board of education willing to raise taxes--a risky move for their own tenures"

As well it should be.

The answer is always more money to fuel these inefficient, incompetent and bloated "to big to fail" public school machines. YOU turn out a lousy product and yet you think you should be receiving ever increasing amounts of tax money. Why does it never do any good? Your answer is always the same, we need more money, and yet you have enough money to throw away on all kinds of unnecessary programs, including massive welfare feeding programs the entire year. That is not education and you fool no one. That last bit is just to paint yourselves as compassionate do-gooders in order to take the public's eyes off of the fact that you do a mediocre job of educating their children. Your administrators salaries look like that of a fortune 500 company. If those companies products were as lousy as yours they would be declaring bankruptcy, not raising the price of their products! We need accountable school administrators to stop the excuses, not gold plated figureheads who lobby for more taxes. Fire them, start over, and fund charter schools to give these cry babies some competition. An incentive to educate children instead of make excuses will go a long way towards the kind of education system the tax payers have a right to expect for their money!


Kudos to Mr. Russell for a thoughtful, well-reasoned letter. If only our state leaders were as thoughtful.

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