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I am 88 years old and I have never seen our nation in such a mess as we are in now. Joe Biden can't be that ignorant. He has got to be in China and Russia's hip pocket or he hates President Trump so bad he is willing to destroy our nation. Whatever his motive, he is giving our nation away. Read more

When a business makes demands whose subject is my person, they infringe upon that most fundamental of rights – the sovereignty of my body. I will not stand for the encroachment of personal freedom that I am seeing today, and it is for this reason that I strongly believe that restaurant emplo… Read more

Ashley Bratcher was shown holding a sign (front page photo, Aug. 11) that reads "Our Kids Can't Breathe." Should they contract COVID or the variant, you as the parent and your child will know what not being able to breathe is really like. Photos of people on respirators and ventilators, not … Read more

The Biden administration calls the situation at the border a “challenge,” but truthfully it is a disaster. Of course, the liberal media and Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have remained silent and seem not to worry if “the caged children are drinking from toilets!” Undoubtedly this i… Read more