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It was sad to see the Daily News endorse Sen. Mitch McConnell in an opinion piece by insinuating that Amy McGrath would be a tool of the left. It's an insult to think that a retired lieutenant colonel Marine pilot who put her life on the line by flying 89 combat missions against al-Qaida and… Read more

Let’s get real everybody. Joe Biden isn’t the Democratic candidate for president. By default he got the nomination. With such weak candidates to choose from and such pathetic anti-American views, he was simply left standing! And barely able to do that. The socialist left (aka Democrats) are … Read more

I want everyone to please research what I’m about to tell you. Just Google to research the story. Has anyone heard of Daniel Shaver? Of course not - because he was white! He was an “unarmed white man” killed by a “white police officer!” Watch the 4 minute video. After watching it, imagine th… Read more

Gov. Beshear is doing (the) same thing as the other Democrat governors are, making coronavirus sound worse than (it) truly is, at this time. Using scare tactics to get what they want, mail-in ballots for November election. Democrats know, by the 2016 election, they cannot beat President Trum… Read more