As we begin another tempestuous year in the ongoing American Experiment, I thought I would provide our commander in chief with a little constructive criticism. So, Mr. President, please pay attention.

With respect to the stock market, listen up. Stability is what we need, not chaos. Yes, you obviously pride yourself on keeping everything in a constant state of flux, but this tends to make investors very nervous. Stop blaming the Fed and acting like someone whose financial expertise is limited to fleecing business partners and filing for bankruptcy.

About the intelligence thing: I know you think you’re the smartest businessman in any given room you happen to be in, but in reality that’s only true when you are alone in the bathroom doing your business. There are lots of people out there who know more than you; next year many of them will be starting high school. Listen to your advisors.

Oh, and you should probably rethink the whole "sucking up to dictators" approach to foreign policy. The postwar world many of our grandparents fought to establish has held up pretty well for the past 74 years. Google it sometime. Incidentally, you are never going to win the Peace Prize. Ever.

Here’s a big one. When you are wrong about something, admit it, apologize for it and do your best not to do it again. Try it sometime; you might be surprised at how it adds to, rather than detracts from, your credibility and respect.

Finally, you really need to update your negotiation strategy. "I’m going to take my ball and go home if I don’t get my way" may have worked when you were 7, but most folks have figured this one out. And besides, that tactic only works if the people you are negotiating with don’t have any balls.

Aaron W. Hughey

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

If you have nothing of substance to argue about you can always go negative. (Democrat Motto)
Results are what counts and the president has plenty of good results, not so much for Aaron W. Hughey


I'm just going to drop this right here.

Enough Already Jan 8, 2019 7:28pm
1st Only losers like yourself try to commandeer someone else's online handle.
2nd People like yourself who continue to spread MSM lies are also losers.
3rd We don't elect presidents with a popular vote and that was by the founders design. In this country we use the electoral college to make sure the entire country is represented instead of a few hardcore communists or leftists concentrated in large cities. Again, that makes you a loser.
4th The government is still tilted to the right after losing the house because we retain control of the Presidency as well as the Senate and now the SCOTUS. Once that old communist hag Ginsberg kicks the bucket we will solidify the SCOTUS for at least a decade. That makes you a loser, again.
5th Just because leftists flooded the BG Daily News poll with votes in no way represents the country. The idea that you think that poll was at all scientific speaks volumes about your naivete. That makes you a loser, yet again.
6th as long as you keep depending on CNN and the other MSM for your news you will continue to be deceived which will make you a loser for the remainder of your life, loser.
7th If you vote Democrat you are a loser and will remain so until you stop.
8th Did I mention you are a loser, loser?

Enough Already

I guess I misjudged you. Thanks for your affirmation.


You were warned that your own statements would be used against you.

Enough Already

I don't see a problem here, all true statements :)

Absolutely Positively

Because misjudging Trump as an idiot worked so well in 2016.

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