Well it looks like the outright fraud and corruption of the Steve Beshear gubernatorial administration continues. James Sullivan, who represented the Cannon Cochran Management Services, went on trial for bribing members of the Beshear administration.

Specifically, Sullivan was giving bribes to Tim Longmeyer, who is now serving a five-year, eight-month sentence at a federal prison in Alabama. In his trial, Longmeyer admitted receiving bribes from several different lobbyists of various companies. Longmire would then take this money and give it to various different people to contribute to Democratic Party campaigns, among them Andy Beshear’s campaign for attorney general, to avoid campaign contribution violations.

There were also two other Democratic Party co-conspirators involved in this corruption. Lawrence O’Bryan, a Louisville political consultant, was convicted and fined $100,000 for taking bribes of $642,000 since 2009. O’Bryan returned the $642,000. Samuel McIntosh, a Lexington political consultant, was convicted of bribery and mail fraud charges and admitted paying Longmeyer and O’Bryan $850,000 from 2011 to 2015. McIntosh is serving a 65-month sentence in a federal prison for his crimes.

Now to top it all off, when Attorney General Beshear was elected, he promoted Longmeyer to deputy attorney general, the No. 2 law enforcement officer in the state of Kentucky. Now Andy Beshear can claim plausible deniability all he wants to, but in his position and with this scope of bribery, it was his job to be aware of this corruption.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Steve Beshear gubernatorial administration was the most corrupt administration in the history of the commonwealth of Kentucky and with Andy Beshear, it looks like we’ll get more of the same.

Larry Vincent