Let me get this straight. You decide to have a revolution. You attack a government building with the elected officials inside. By the way, the leader you follow didn't attend. He told you he was coming with you, but he lied. There were bombs and guns. Some among you were going to kill, I guess. Then what?

The man you follow has no standing with the people of the nation. More people of the nation have always voted for whoever was running against him. He always received less votes. Now what?

Do you plan to take over the country? Kill those who disagree with you? Just because the majority of us don't scream and wave big flags doesn't mean you won't meet resistance. Then what?

Your revolution doesn't mean you can command the military. They will answer to the elected president. This man received more votes than the man you follow. Now what?

Conservatives will not follow you because conservatives believe in law and order, the Constitution and a democratic form of government. You have lost their support. Now what?

Those horrible liberals that you hate certainly won't follow you. You may also find out those snowflakes can have an edge. You might be shocked at their determination to stop you. Then what?

You have followed a man who has convinced you that our country is not great. He has told you that your life is horrible. He has convinced you that you know better than the majority of citizens in this country. Now think!

America is great! Like any nation, it has problems. We are coming together, all races and backgrounds. America is becoming stronger.

Unfortunately, you will be left behind if you cannot get past your bigotry and hate.

Make no mistake, critical thinking matters.

Anna Sue Heller

Bowling Green