Are the Republicans the New Confederate Party?

After all, this terrorist, MOB of thieves and hoot looms carried the Confederate flag when they broke into Congress? R.E. Lee would be proud.

I’m tired of every time theses like-minded JAk booted thugs don’t get their way through the legal process, they storm our state capitals (like in Michigan) with big guns and intimidate our leaders to do their will. These like-minded criminals, Gangsters & terrorist broke into, vandalized, looted the congress and beat a police officer to death, because they didn’t get their way.

Confederate flag waving MOBS like these have terrorized African American families for centuries, without conscious or repercussion. Different generation, same M.O, Costumes (sheets or horns acceptable) JAK BOOTS, BIG GUNS, Confederate Flag, possible cross and supporters.

The reason they continue to use fear and intimidation is because these terrorist tactics work. It’s just the chickens coming home to roost. These bold Gangsters, after the Congressional break in, police beating death, attempted coup and looting still threatens violence, if the president is impeached.

It’s a sign of the time when a woman can get more sympathy for being killed breaking into Congress than a black woman gets when killed sleeping in her bed, by police.

One thing is for sure, good thing it was the ”Proud Boys and the Good Ole Boys“ and NOT the Black Boys that broke into Congress, stole items and beat a police officer to death, we all know things would have been a lot different.

America needs to look in the mirror and realize if we want to become one, we have to get rid of hate unfortunately some don’t want to give it up.

Tony Ragland

Bowling Green