I would like to thank Eric Wheeler (Mailbox, Dec. 31) for trying to point out the mistakes the Democrats are making, the mistakes about my president.

I was taught as a young child to always have respect for our president regardless of who was in the White House.

I did not like the idea that President Barack Obama cut our military the way he did, but he was our president and I respected him. Now I see our country full of hate.

The president that Illinois likes to claim said a house divided cannot stand. I pray the president can keep protecting the people that hate him.

Shirley Basham

Bowling Green


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I would support him if he wasn't insane. Every word he says is a lie. He hides information and the laws. He divides the country so we hate each other. He attacks Iran to shift focus away from impeachment. He admits to spending his money on drugs. How can anyone support THAT?!

Enough Already

...insane,...Every word a lie,...hides information and the laws,...divides the country,... hate each other,...shift focus away from impeachment,...spending his money on drugs...

I think what we have here is a SEVERE case of Trump derangement syndrome.


If you ever expect to get better you need to stop those indoctrination lectures on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, and CNN. I don't want to see you get any crazier than you are. Please, for your own good, kick this deadly dope to the curb before it takes your mind.

Your friend,

President Donald J Trump


And you exhibit TDS as well, properly defined as Truth Denial Syndrome. Your mind is already irreparably shot. I've the documentation to prove it.

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