Thank you for Aaron Mudd’s article Aug. 2 about Akisha Townsend Eaton’s efforts to express her concerns about the Warren County Equity Scorecard (detailed in the June 22 edition of the Daily News) to the school board.

Just 17 percent of black students achieved a proficient or better score on the high school K-Prep math exam, as compared to 46 percent of white students. There is a wide gap in reading and math at the elementary levels, too. Public schools exist to educate all our children. When our school system is failing any segment of our kids, it is failing our entire community.

More than half the white students and more than three-fourths of black students failed to achieve a proficient score on this exam, yet their superintendent was recently given an “exemplary” evaluation by the school board (Daily News, June 20). How is this possible?

This same school board cut Ms. Eaton’s comments off after three minutes at their June meeting.

The policy limits public comments by any speaker to three minutes with 15 minutes total allowed. It doesn’t matter that only one speaker registered that night. At the July meeting, Ms. Eaton recommended a policy amendment to allow a grace period of up to five minutes when fewer than five speakers have registered.

The school board voted against this modest proposal 4-1. While Mudd’s article stated that Gary Chaffin was the only member to vote in favor, he did not name those voting against – Kerry Young, Amy Duvall, Lloyd Williford and Kevin Jackson.

Ms. Eaton has been disrespected and silenced by the Warren County School Board and her emails to the administration have been ignored.

I would like to thank her for raising the issue and demanding better.

The next school board meeting is Thursday, Aug. 15 at 7 p.m. at South Warren High School.

Rita Crabtree

Bowling Green


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Le Ecrivain

The superintendents job is to keep Rich Pond rocking the metrics on everything so big new houses keep going up and he's rocking... All those property tax dollars go into the school coffers! One public school has to be so good that charter schools don't get the backing of the rich people. The rest is set dressing.

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