Externalized cost!

Collateral damage!

Growth before quality!

I don't mind you don't matter!

Small is beautiful!

Economies as if people matter!

These are thoughts that come to mind while reading Kenneth Deputy's letter (Mailbox, Nov. 14) of the problems created by Beech Bend Park's thirst for profit.

If your profit creates problems for others, then pay for the solution. The solution is a bridge across the river through or beside the industrial park to U.S. 31-W and Interstate 65, the fire department and other emergency services.

A floating bridge/generator could pay back the entities who profit and should pay for it – Beech Bend Park and the tourism commission.

Rerouting hundreds of cars and trailers onto one lane, Garvin Lane and then Gordon Avenue, is not only ill-advised but dangerous.

The waste of $351,820 of taxpayers' money this year will increase to over $1,000,000 in future expansion of Garvin Lane.

Jim Duffer

Bowling Green


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Absolutely Positively

It's the government's job to see to it that public roads can accommodate traffic.

If you've ever wondered why Jim Duffer does poorly in local elections, this letter should answer all of your questions.

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