Beshear’s mandates are ‘illegal, cruel’

When this pandemic started I agreed with the governor not to visit my mother in the nursing home, but not now.

This has gone on too long.

Residents are depressed and not eating. Most don’t understand and think family and friends have forgotten them.

When we do get in, will they recognize us?

Broken heart syndrome and failure to thrive are real diagnoses. At this time, I feel like my mom is illegally incarcerated. If mask are so great, why can’t we use them and get in to nursing homes to see the most valuable of our family members.

If any know someone in a nursing home, you knew to visit often and at different times.

Wonder why?

Not all nursing homes are bad, but most are understaffed. We as families need to be sure they are being taken care of. Not outside 6 feet apart.

In the rooms to see what property they have is missing or broken.

The governmental organizations that regulate care are not getting in on regular bases to mandate care. These patients haven’t had family hug and kisses since March. I luckily can see my mom thru a window, but some cannot.

Some are dying alone not of COVID, but because they feel alone and isolated. At this time my mom weighs 85.9 pounds and looks like Holocaust victim.

I really think this is illegal and cruel. Please call, email or write the governor.

The most precious of our family members are being neglected. My understanding of phase 3 for family visits is to make an appointment to meet outside 3 feet apart. What about weather? What about bedridden residents? Please contact our governor.

Get real, Andy. It won’t work.

Paula Mann

Bowling Green

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Bless your heart.

If it is any consolation Paula, it appears as though the 'b' team members below stand in solidarity with you.

Dr. Strangelove

Thank you so much for the approval you've given me Koheleth. Your words speak volumes my poor little unhappy man.

Enough Already

Although I applaud you for being gracious to Koheleth as no one likes him, but I have to take exception to you referencing him as a "man", communist sure, but man?


Well EA, while it is undoubtedly true that any reasonably informed child could school you on pretty much anything substantive, I can't fathom why you would wish to so blatantly point such a thing out.

Whatever makes you happy buddy. I'm not here to judge.


Well my friend...Tis better to be an unhappy wise man than a contented fool, just as thoughtful uncertainty is preferable to cocksure ignorance.

If that's too heady, allow me to dumb it down to a more common quip; They say ignorance is bliss. Which would mean that you have attained this Utopia.

And you're very welcome.

Enough Already

"Well EA, while it is undoubtedly true"

That's enough for me to know you agree with me. Now, are you anything in particular, like say a communist eggplant?

Enough Already

Beshear is just another far left politician playing games with people's live. This has always been politics and nothing more.

Democrats no longer represent America, but every fringe nut job out there that desires the overthrow of government. The proof is in the cities run by democrats. There are no democrat moderates. They all stick together to pass their godless communist agenda. The best pay back is to vote against EVERY democrat on the ballot this fall. If we totally eviscerate the ranks of democrat politicians this year the country will move forward once again. This is not a game anymore. If we fail to put them down like the dogs they are you will not recognize this country in four years. I only pray that it is not too late to stop what they have started. This is about the long term future of this country. Freedom is on the ballot. Vote Republican.

Dr. Strangelove

It is illegal Miss Paula. This is what I mean when I assessed in March that this was a Scam-Demic. To date only 895 people out of a KY population of approximately 4,500,000 (4.5 million) have died. This equals 0.02% of the total KY population. Your real life example testifies to the damage these excessive and politically motivated edicts from King Beshear have caused. All in the name of "public safety". The cure far exceeds the illness in economic, mental, emotional, and social stress to millions of people. Which is why it was initiated. If masks are so effective, then why not vote in person? Why not be able to see your Mother? Why let criminals out of prison if masks work? As I have said before, we could do this for ever by simply changing the name of the disease or inventing some new "public safety" crisis to control the masses and the economy for political and ideological gain.

I feel sorry for you and agree totally. But in the meantime you can access abortion clinics, liquor stores, grocery stores, and other businesses King Beshear deems "essential". But stay the hell out of your mothers care home.

Best Wishes,

Brent Rains

Bowling Green, KY


The Governor actually has nothing to do with not allowing visits to nursing homes. You may need to take a look at CMS for the guidelines they published. All nursing homes have to follow their regulations.


Thank you Kyaskd for your sane remarks, Of course our Governor has little to do with nursing home tactics!

Enough Already

unless you are the governor of New York...

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